Audio: Boris Johnson punked by fake caller claiming Corbyn working for Putin

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The Tories are really, really desperate for absolutely anything they can use to undermine the popularity of their nemesis Jeremy Corbyn.

Last year, an influential Tory think-tank published an article admitting that stopping Corbyn is their number one priority. This year has seen a string of ridiculous smears, such as the laughable and immediately debunked claim he had been a source for then-Communist Czechoslovakia.

They became a laughing stock – and one Tory MP, Ben Bradley, found the experience very expensively humiliating after being forced to ask Twitter to retweet his abject apology for a libellous claim. It was the Tories’ biggest social media ‘success’.

Now Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has given away that the desperation has not lessened a jot – after falling embarrassingly for a prank call:

The ‘MSM’ has been on a campaign recently to persuade us all that we have ‘reached peak Corbyn’. Don’t fall for such nonsense for a second – this shows the Tories are no less afraid than they were a year ago.

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  1. ‘Rumbled quickly’ did he? Hmmmm…

    I bet ‘bozza’ wishes darius guppy was having him on as well.

    One nasty piece of work, that.

  2. Falls for a Borat clone after two years mixing with the cream of the diplomatic corps.
    Great recommendation.
    With him and Moggwit looking to step up it’s no wonder the Tories would donate a kidney to keep May from croaking.

    1. That’d be someone else’s kidney that they’d sold without the ”donor’s” knowledge or consent…And using taxpayer’s dough for the operation in a private hospital.

      1. And the op wouldn’t be a success anyway….The kidney’d reject the arl’ bag. 🙂

  3. ‘reached peak Corbyn’?…bad news, MSM…the best is yet to come!

  4. Re: MP’s names disappearing from LFI membership list.
    The LFI is funded by Israel to protect them and make sure that Corbyn never becomes PM. Any MP who chooses to remain a member must therefore be in agreement with the aims of the LFI and should face re-selection.

    Automatic re-selection should be introduced as a motion at the forthcoming annual conference.

  5. I am sorry to have to say this, but the Skwawkbox is totally wrong: those comedians were completely outpunked by phoning up our fake Foreign Sec, and the joke is on the UK. 🙂 He’s the bigger comedian and his pranks on other nations are soo……so….laughter inducing. Unless you are in an Iranian prison somewhere…

  6. Damn! Couldn’t get middle class Liberal Guardian today so had to get the bloody Times (Business pages interesting).
    But interesting, main media claiming Boris rumbled it (after 18 minutes) but according to the Times it was the language interpreter, listening in, who smelt a rat and pulled it.
    Crash Test Dummy Johnson!

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