‘Murray going nowhere’ from Corbyn’s team


Right-wing trash sites have been reporting that Unite’s Andrew Murray may ‘walk out’ of Jeremy Corbyn’s team, with ‘rumours’ of lurid quotes about key ‘LOTO’ figure Seumas Milne.

It’s not true.

Senior Labour sources have told the SKWAWKBOX that Murray has been unwell for a few weeks and hasn’t been able to participate, but that he and Milne remain as fast friends as they have been for thirty years and Murray is part of the team ‘for the duration’.

The ‘rumours’ are just more ‘centrist’ and Tory mischief making. Same old same old.

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  1. The Skwawkbox needs my support? Then keep a balance! The Guardian tell me they need my support. Why should I pay for right wing propaganda? By the same token, why should I pay for a blog that will not deviate from the Party line? Ken Livingstone has been crucified, that is wrong and Corbyn is party to it. Stop the Witchhunt!

    1. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends, as Ken Livingstone has proved by sacrificing himself for his party.

      I am fully supportive of members who have been unfairly suspended and expelled. That support is unwavering and I will not rest until members unfairly treated have returned to the fold.

      But at the same time this is no time for ill disciplined and divisive attacks on the leadership of the Labour Party and its supporters.

      That is what the right wing saboteurs are doing, and no doubt they will be delighted if people like you opened up a new front against the party’s leadership.

      The enemy of the party are the right wing extremists sabotaging the electability of the Labour Party.

      Never forget that.

      Show some discipline and loyalty and focus your attacks on the right targets, not the same targets as the right wing wreckers.

      Don’t do their dirty work for them.

      Sorry if you think I am being too harsh but we need to remember that the key objective is to return a Corbyn led Labour Government.

  2. We need to face up to reality.

    The right wing of the Labour Party is engaged in a campaign to damage the party’s polling and lose Labour elections in a bid to topple the twice elected leader of the Labour Party.

    Like a football team with players intentionally throwing games, we have no alternative but to dispose of the right wing wreckers in the PLP before they lose the party the FA cup of politics, the next General Election, just as they lost us the last one.

    The leadership of the party must be quite clear on this point. If it does not assist the membership in removing these corrupt match throwers then there will not be a Labour Government.

  3. Why are there 2 x Internal Affairs(es)

    Will the real Internal Affairs please stand up?

    1. One and the same. There is certainly only one The Toffee.

      But seriously, we’ve got to have discipline, it’s critical. The left always cocks it up with ill discipline and infighting.

      We need discipline and order to get Corbyn into government. I completely understand people’s grievances but the best way to resolve these issues is by getting into power not turning on each other.

      Regardless of unfair positions members find themselves we need to remember that we have all got to hold the line whatever the personal cost.

      And make no mistake, there will be a cost. As you well know, getting a socialist party into power means taking on the establishment. There is no time for whining or complaints or personal considerations, we will only be able to achieve our objective collectively and with a lot of sacrifice, as Ken has shown.

  4. I agree.

    ‘Red’ Ken had to go, and he understood why – hence him falling on his sword. Fair play to him for it.

    I’m certain you won’t find the likes of woodcock going quietly, oh no. Rats like he will only go kicking & screaming and causing as much – if not more so – of a stink from without as they do now from within, because labour values are not their values. Vindictiveness, calumny, and self-preservation are their praxes.

    They’re easy enough to spot, all right – But to paraphrase Jesse Ventura’s character ‘Blaine’ from the film ‘Predator’ : “Sons o’ bitches are dug in like Alabama ticks”.

    Massive amounts of fumigation required.

  5. We, who believe in a Socialist Labour Left Party will fight those who try to, with dirty tricks and lies to undermine the giant swell of support we the members have made, by electing JC, “twice” as our leader.
    We, will not be moved the “PROPAGANDA” of the right in our party or the constant attack from those who are determined come hell and high water to get rid of JC and his ideals, along with those, who agree with him!

  6. Tories want to sell off the NHS and give US insurance companies the right to ration out our healthcare in as thin a gruel as they wish.
    There’ll be even greater abuses of we, the many that they just haven’t thought of yet.

    Blair and his Quisling acolytes, whether for personal gain or some innate fear of social justice, are willing to lie, cheat and steal to help the Tories carry out Dr. Evil’s evil plan.

    The right’s experience of our previous gullibility and slothful acquiescence led them to believe, quite understandably, that we’ll accept any exploitation if it’s supported by the MSM and it’s implemented slowly enough.

    Apparently they’ve all forgotten that revolution comes suddenly and that the tipping point is unpredictable.

    I take comfort in the thought that even if the rightards do succeed they’ll spend the rest of their miserable lives in fear of being murdered in their beds.

  7. Thank you for the excellent comments. I am not sure what we can do.

    The right seem untouchable. A petition signed recently by 18,000 supporters asking for MPs who repeatedly undermine the elected leader and damage the Party’s image to face sanctions. It was dismissed by Tim, (he didn’t even have the courtesy to give his surname) from the complaints team, saying “I have concluded this does not breach rules and I will not be taking further action”. Who is Tim. Who decided that Marc Wadsworth be expelled after years of service to people and Party. Who are these seemingly faceless people who wield such power.

    I honestly do not know how Jeremy has survived the abuse, disloyalty,personal insults and nastiness from this mob on the right. I certainly couldn’t. I would have crumbled months ago. May be that is our best hope. There is no one on the right with the courage, integrity, honesty, decency and ability to inspire others that Jeremy Corbyn has.

    We also have SKWARKBOX etc. Without them I would never have heard of Ian Mckenzie . Thank you for your work.

    1. Have faith, MR,

      The right SEEM untouchable, but they’re only as strong as their weakest link. The don’t enjoy the same sort of solidarity as the left do; and this will be a bit more evident when woodcock’s punted.

      And let’s not forget, woodcock was gonna sacrifice himself at the altar of owen smith’s dismissal from the shadow cabinet – but didn’t (self-preservation). Instead, when he discovered none of his fellow RW cohorts would do similar in solidarity, he increased his vitriol & contrary attitude towards Corbyn (kicking & screaming) in a frankly risible attempt to garner more sympathy/support, and THAT went tits-up for him too.

      That lack of support and evident self-preservation tells me that the caged rats they are, they’ll eventually turn on each other and/or their CLP’s. For now, the left just has to keep chiselling away, chiefly through sites like this; bringing to our attention the right’s nefarious methods and actions

      But by far the quickest and best remedy would be to introduce mandatory reselection. That’d be the kango hammer the party needs.

      1. Agreed mandatory reselection is now imperative but how do we get it.

  8. Right Wing political imbeciles and philistines; where is their art,
    where is their poetry, music, comedy, critical thinking, ideas?
    But how can you be creative when you stand for nothing but crumbs for working people but for interesting and well rewarded careers for yourselves?
    And you have to wonder if they have read any left wing books?
    ‘The Great Men and Women of History’ without an original idea in their heads who fail to recognise that history has passed them by.
    But good points by Internal Affairs and the Left needs discipline and I often recall (when at times with the Left it is like herding cats) that we actually want to transform the UK (as an example to the World) and we fight alongside the oppressed, this keeps me grounded.
    I was also out one lunchtime this week with a Unite Community branch (part of the main Unite union) on a street stall with a petition and giving out leaflets to the public (which we also put out door to door) in Unite’s day of action against universal credit.
    This branch is trying to counter the dominant right wing narrative on welfare which deliberately sets neighbour against neighbour to distract working people from tax cuts for millionaires, corporate welfare, and tax avoidance by the rich.
    And it was great to talk to working class people and to try to politicise citizens as well as supporting and trying to empower those affected.
    Perhaps this is what we just need to do, go direct to citizens.

  9. I think LABOUR TV on Freeview could have the impact and coverage we need to fight the MSM.
    Real news, politics and economics followed by comedy and “I’m a Tory, get me out of here.”
    How many right wing comedians can you name and how many left wing?
    I’d almost feel sorry for the Tories.

  10. Reply to The Toffee.

    Thank you for the encouragement. I never realised how vicious and how low the right wing of our Party will stoop to destroy Jeremy and his team. The posts on this page are such a help. Please keep them coming.

    Best wishes

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