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tory plant owned

As the SKWAWKBOX covered earlier (video here), the weekly Tory ‘plant’ on BBC Question Time didn’t fare too well last night, being embarrassingly owned by music star Akala when he tried to pontificate about ‘traditional working class towns’.

It was painfully obvious that the plant – called upon by name by David Dimbleby but with a name not easy to make out – didn’t have a clue about working class anything – and the SKWAWKBOX can exclusively identify who he is and why he seems out of touch with working class people and issues.

Hallam Mark William Sevier-Burnapp is the son of a former Tory councillor in Kettering and already has his own company to play with: Humble Break Limited, although it doesn’t seem to have a website under that name.

Hallam, as he is known, has a Twitter account containing tweets and retweets of Tory politicians and some mockery of Labour Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott – de rigueur for your young Tory, of course.

Yet again, BBC Question Time guarantees a question to a Tory – called upon by name by host David Dimbleby – with a pre-prepared question and has been busted doing so. Happily, it didn’t end well this time.

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  1. Companies House has it here. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10507938

    Dec 99 given as his DoB

    Last statement dated 1 December 2017

    Nature of business (SIC)
    56301 – Licensed clubs
    93110 – Operation of sports facilities
    93120 – Activities of sport clubs
    93290 – Other amusement and recreation activities not elsewhere classified

  2. Christ! I just watched Akala on YouTube, he didn’t just pwn Hallam Pratt-Wotsmyname, he pwned everybody! And no, we don’t want him as an M.P. we need people like him outside the tent pissing in, just to keep everybody honest.

  3. ‘Working CLAAAAAAAAAAARSE towns’

    Well if THAT didn’t give it away, I dunno what else would’ve done.

  4. The BBC had McVey but, though finding time at the end to orchestrate an attack on Corbyn, didn’t see fit to question McVey on such things as Universal Credit or the UN calling disability cuts a ‘human catastrophe’ – well of course they wouldn’t

  5. “Hallam Mark William Sevier-Burnapp” 😆
    Brilliant satire Skwawkbox, Do you not label the satirical posts anymore?

  6. Esther McVey said ‘60% of Kettering voted Leave, therefore 60% of this audience voted leave’. Time to go back to school Esther. In round figures 1/3 of the electorate voted leave, 1/3 voted remain and 1/3 didn’t vote. Therefore if the audience was representative of the public only 1/3 should be Leavers.

    However week after week, because of the right wing producers, the QT audiences are overloaded with Leavers and it wouldn’t surprise me if the figure was 80%.

  7. I see BBC have rejected complaints about using an image of Corbyn which “made him look more Russian” on Newsnight when discussing the Salisbury poisoning… quell surprise!

    They say there was no “Photoshopping” done to the image which I accept as correct, but surely the editors of Newsnight know an image tells a thousand words and regardless of what causes the effect, the impression given is important. If it was by deliberate or by ineptitude they DID use an image which made Corbyn look like a (stereotypical) Russian.

  8. if esther mcvey has any guts let here do a one to one with me, I show her some home truths about her policies and perhaps if she has some real guts she could spend some time in real world not polishing her nails and doing her make up, up for the challenge esther, I am

  9. Dimbleby lies audience is vetted selected and sat in named seats of those to call

  10. Sadly there was no Anti-semitism slot in this week’s episode of Question Time. I’ve got so familiar with this regular little sideline that I’m starting to miss it already it’s been running, every week, so long now on this programme

  11. I’m often wrong but hasn’t QT always named the people originally proposing the questions to the panel – and mentioned the town they’re from?
    Not the hands-ups, obviously.

    Spat out the word ‘dead’ like a fishwife, didn’t he? He’ll have to do something about that accent if he ever wants to pass as a toff.

    Dimbleby to Akala, “Alright, you’ve made the point” was clearly to save poor little Walter from blubbing & fouling himself.

    On this performance he’ll be lucky to be offered a marginal when he grows up.

  12. did you see his mom sitting next to him fawning all over the place like a music school mum hearing a symphony wile treasured son murders a violin.

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