Another #BBCQT Tory ‘plant’ identified

During BBC Question Time (BBCQT) on Thursday night, Labour’s excellent Laura Pidcock cut off a nonsensical ‘contribution’ from an audience member:

BBCQT has been heavily criticised for repeatedly allowing excessive involvement of known Tory plants among the audience, with the same red, older faces appearing frequently. But on Thursday it seemed the Tories were taking a slightly different tack – as observed by a couple of viewers via Twitter:

bbcqt ng plant

Well, SKWAWKBOX is always happy to oblige, so we quickly found said Tory ‘plant’ – Jack Cramp, a member of the ‘London Young Conservatives’ Facebook group:

Mr Cramp, a self-described ‘Conservative activist’, was the ‘Tory plant cunningly disguised as a Tory’ who – fancy – found no difficulty at all getting his moment on camera in the first ten minutes of the programme to make nonsensical claims about the Labour Party.

As Ms Pidcock got the applause, though, it didn’t quite work out as he might have hoped.


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  1. “Young” Conservative? In the eighties maybe, when New Romantic only looked ridiculous to grownups.
    I guess he’ll soon give up his career as a political wannabe to spend more time with his hair.

  2. Decided it would be too mean to add, “While he still can.”
    Changed my mind.

  3. Quelle surprise…Bumblebum allowing another tory it’s drivel.

    And of course none of the panelists know what the questions are going to be….Yawn.

    Like MotD, you just know it’s gonna be the same tired old shite rehashed again and again. But the beeb stilll want their licence fees (AND they’re going up soon you mugs)

    And I’ve just read the featured tweets. Who’d have thought it? prue leith wanting to silence better, more important people than itself regarding the deaths of people (be it on the streets, or in their cold unheated homes, or hospital beds, it doesn’t matter) at the hands of this toerag govt.

    What next, leech – sorry, leith? You gonna offer to bake the cake you’d have us proles eat?

    Go ‘ed…Get tae f**k. And shove yer profiteroles as far as you can get ’em.

  4. Very fixed audience last night. Could tell easily when Laura P said something about we should have a Labour government there was only applause from about 25% at the most.

  5. We Separatist evil Jocks get that on the rare occasion QT makes it beyond Carlisle.
    We’ve had ‘Willie fluteband player’ on 3 times now at various locations, we’ve also had Tory loving poverty stricken nurses who’ve just came back from world tour holidays, still bronze tanned, we’ve had Tory councillors, Labour councillors and Ukippers too. Stangely we’ve never has any SNP councillors. We’ve had plenty non-Scots MPs and Economists too all happy to tell us why we can’t leave the UK.
    Studios filled with Tory and Labour supporters is expected even though they are minority groups here.
    SO don’t tell me you just realised QT is a political stitch up. We nasty jock non-conformists have had this since 2012. Guess why?

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