Southport Tories outrage voters by quoting the S*n. #GOTV #LE2018

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX revealed the failed attempt by Tories in Sefton, on the north of Merseyside, to bully a local school into taking down a banner exposing huge Tory cuts to the funding of local schools – and the way it backfired massively.

This week, Tories in the neighbouring town of Southport have outraged many residents – by quoting the hated S*n ‘newspaper’ in their desperation to attack Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, who has garnered huge approval for her work in defence of Windrush-generation citizens abused and targeted by the Tory government:

The Murdoch rag is almost completely boycotted across Merseyside, because of its lies about the victims of the Hillsborough disaster and their families.

As Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson pointed out, the Tories’ tweet was in direct contravention of an official council decision to boycott the S*n – one that they voted to support:


Local union activist Dan Lewis helpfully tweeted the proof that the Tories – along with all other parties on the council – supported the boycott the poisonous publication:

southport boyc.png

The vote is understood to have been unanimous.


Few people – given recent events – will be surprised to find that the Tories in Southport are prepared to act in complete dishonesty and hypocrisy by supporting a boycott to court public approval yet continuing to use and promote the boycotted paper.

Few also will be surprised to find they are out of touch with the people they supposedly serve.

But by promoting a toxic rag that smeared victims of a tragedy and defamed a whole area, they have demonstrated an arrogance, a contempt and a lack of understanding of the people of the region that should cost them dearly at the ballot box.

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  1. What a bunch of “CRETINS”!
    I hope they get their arses kicked in Southport and it’s a “LABOUR LANDSLIDE”!

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