Unite’s Beckett calls on WMids members – and others – to vote Labour for Corbyn

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Unite’s acting regional director Howard Beckett has often been at loggerheads with councils in the region – in particular Birmingham City Council for its treatment of refuse collectors during last year’s Birmingham bin strike.

But today, he has released a video calling on all members of the union – in the West Midlands and elsewhere – to turn out today to vote Labour.

Beckett’s primary motivation is the need, with the Tories in chaos and floundering, to support Jeremy Corbyn to ensure that the next government is a Labour one under him. But he also cites the improved behaviour of local councils in Birmingham and Coventry towards workers and their unions:

Beckett told the SKWAWKBOX:

Birmingham is now working with us towards direct employment status and bringing services in house instead of outsourcing.

In addition, they’ve agreed to give us access to all their construction sites – most councils have signed up to our charter only to work with companies who are against blacklisting, but that’s not enough.

Agencies and sham self-employment are the new methods of blacklisting, so this extra step of allowing us access to construction sites means we can organise and expose bad practices.

The UK needs a Labour government. As Howard Beckett says, let’s get out there and send a clear message that it’s time.

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  1. I’ve been wondering what would be the best result for us, say between 0 to 10 with 5 being no change.
    What if we wipe the floor with them – maybe even a 9 – a near-whitewash, a right kicking. Not as much as they deserve but definitively, arse-burningly whipped.

    Would we be able to force an immediate election?
    My guess is probably not but I know nothing so what do you guys think?

    If no GE now it occurred to me that if we do too well it might be hard not to lose ground in the next couple of years – can’t keep an army waiting and primed for action more than a few days, they say.
    Would a steadier progress keep the fires burning? Would 7 be about perfect or am I wildly off my chump?

  2. Well done, Howard Beckett.

    Yes, there has been problems with various Labour Councils including my own, Dudley. Pete Lowe’s Labour led council tried to shut the 3 leisure centres down and open 2. Carrying out the Tories dirty work for them by cutting all over the place. The voters rightly – yes rightly – voted them out!

    Although Birmingham, with the bins, and Dudley’s shameful actions are placed on the back burner…what’s the difference?

    Simple! We trust Jeremy Corbyn – the difference is he is a man of principle. I presume this is where Howard Beckett and UNITE are coming from too. We know that Jeremy Corbyn has been fighting for years and has NOT changed!

    He’s the difference! We can trust him!

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