Tories win vote on document release as the right betrays the Windrush generation

The Windrush arriving in 1948

The Tories have defeated a Labour motion for the release of all documents and communications concerning policies and actions affecting the UK’s Windrush citizens, by 316 votes to 221.

Theresa May whipped her party to participate in a vote on a Labour motion – revealing how much she has to hide and how badly she wants it hidden, because the Tories usual policy has been to run away from votes on Labour motions.

The continued opacity and secrecy is a slap in the face for the thousands of our citizens whose lives have been knowingly blighted by the Tories’ racist ‘hostile environment’ policies.

The details of the ‘division’ have not yet been published, but it appears that not a single Tory had the integrity or sufficient concern for the abused Windrush generation to take a stand and vote for transparency.

The fundamental heartlessness and corruption of this government is now on full display – less than twelve hours before polls open for tomorrow’s local elections.

If you have a vote tomorrow, make them pay.

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  1. Tory Barbarian Neo-Liberal Vile Liars 316 v 221 (mainly Labour socialists and some other progressives).
    Which Labour MPs turned their backs on our wonderful Windrush citizens?
    Please account for yourselves to your CLPs and communities.
    “Oh observing the hypocrites Yeah.” Bob Marley.
    But we WILL WIN!

  2. Simply disgusting. Is there no end to the depth the tories sink? And those from other political groupings who sided with the tories should hang their heads in shame.
    Lets show them what we think of them tomorrow. Vote Labour, support JC

  3. ok so which red tories voted with the govt , anyone got a list of those Labour MPs who voted with the tories cos the numbers don’t add up !!!

    1. Well there are 317 Tory held seats surely.

      Noes: 306 Tory, 9 DUP and 1 Independent “Noes”
      Ayes: 180 Labour, 28 SNP, 5 Lib Dem, 4 Plaid Cymru, 3 Independent and 1 Green

      1. So where were the Labour missing 70 MP votes and why didn’t they back our Windrush citizens?
        Perhaps they could explain to their CLPs?

      2. Working on it. There may have been some ‘pairing’ accounting for some of them

    2. Possibly looks like Ben Bradshaw was one MP to abstain on this vote perhaps his CLP would like to ask him to justify this stance

    1. See my comment above for the full breakdown by party … but there were around 80 Labour MPs who didn’t vote.

      Perhaps its time for all MPs to be required to vote at each division even if their vote is to register an abstention. And voting to be done electronically and from their constituency (or other secure office) when necessary.

  4. Total non-Tory/DUP vote is 321, so Labour and opposition nowhere near when they could have been.

  5. I think we should be cautious here. I believe that the internal workings of government departments should be open to public scrutiny. But this is not the way our government works. When Labour is in power and they refuse to make departmental paperwork public, will we be excoriating them?

  6. This vote wasn’t about justice for the Windrush people!
    It was entirely about them, the neo fascist Tories and staying in power!
    Along with May, heading this Morally Bankrupt Tory Party!
    (Accountability), they don’t even care about justice and what it stands for, just as long as they can stay in power by any means possible.
    When will their voting public start to get the full picture of what their Tory
    Party are doing to the citizens of the UNITED KINGDOM?
    Will it be, when they send their children to an unjust war for them to never return?

  7. It’s intriguing that the Mail on Sunday is publishing a 3 page hatchet job on Javid in their 7th May edition. I wonder what the game-plan is.

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