Vital information to read/share for polling day #GOTV #LE2018

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Polling booths have opened across England for today’s local elections. Getting out the vote will be crucial for the best possible results across the country. Below is information that will be useful for Labour supporters who want to help maximise the party’s results.

Your nearest marginal


If the area you live in is not having an election today, or you live in a very safe seat and want to help in a tighter one, use Momentum’s ‘Your nearest marginal’ page to find out the best place to get to and contact people there to help get out the vote.

Polling station finder

If you or a friend don’t know where to turn up to cast your vote, Labour’s handy polling-station finder will tell you.


Whatsapp broadcast

If you use WhatsApp, you can use this broadcast tool to send a reminder to all your contacts to get out and vote. Open from your phone, unless you have desktop WhatsApp installed as well.

If you want to go a step further and rally your friends to do some ‘get out the vote’ door-knocking, use this link to WhatsApp them and invite them.

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  1. Yes I’ve Voted Labour and have already helped out and will be on the knock up in my nearest marginal from 6.00pm.
    I was proud this afternoon to help in a neighbouring diverse community where citizens can get their own back for the Tory Windrush Scandal!
    In Labour Council areas around the country many have had 50% of the Council’s budget cut in the last 8 years (initially by the Tories/ Lib Dems then the Tories) and Labour has had A DEFENSIVE SHIELD TO PROTECT THE MOST VULNERABLE!
    Help Labour today to Keep the Defensive Shield until we can get the Tories out!
    But Austerity was always for US (Working People) and not for THEM (the Rich and Powerful) with Tory Tax cuts for: millionaires, big business corporations, private landlords with multiple properties, grouse moor owners, £145m tax cuts for hedge funds (who gave £50m to the Tories) and more.
    So if you can help (even if for a short while) try to get out today; hopefully THIS MAY BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE TORIES!

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