Video: former OPCW head – UK govt ‘premature’, unrealistic in naming Novichok source

  • Russia still prime suspect
  • Former OPCW head describes UK government action as ‘premature’ and says impossible to analyse and identify toxin in 24hrs, let alone source
  • Queries why OPCW was not called in immediately.

José Bustani is a former Brazilian ambassador to the UK and was the first Director General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). He told the broadcaster RT that the UK government was ‘premature’ in deciding the source of the Salisbury toxin was Russia and that the government could not possibly have analysed and identified it as quickly as it claimed to:

Bustani also queried why the UK had not called in the OPCW immediately to identify the toxin, in accordance with usual practice.

The most likely source of the toxin is probably still Russia, but the UK government’s handling of the crisis and the lies it has told around it are falling apart almost by the minute.

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  1. Worse and worse.

    This affair has left Theresa May with insufficient credibility to continue as prime minister.

    1. Never had any credibility to start with; dunno where you got the notion she’s got any left.

      This lot’d f*** up a disaster, they really are THAT incompetent.

  2. Further proof that Jeremy Corbyn’s more measured and statesmanship like approach is the right way forward.

  3. Tory grandees (what a joke) care more about positioning themselves for some future wine bar putsch over Brexit than anything else.
    Neolibs decided the peace dividend was theirs for the spending and now that’s all gone they really, really miss the luv’ly jubbly days of the arms race.
    Risking escalation to war on a lie – yet again – they deserve the ultimate sanction.
    Piss on them and let their dogs chew on their bones.

  4. Why aren’t there mass protests outside of New Broadcasting House about their bias and lies??!

  5. Someone just made a very good point on another related thread re the police officer who supposedly went to their aid, became infected, and a few days later was heralded as a hero by the Tory rags. But didn’t that story change at some point, to him having become infected when he went to the house? I know there’s been a lot of confusion (and deliberately so no doubt), but can anyone confirm where it was that we have been told officially that he was infected by the poison. Does anyone recall the timeline as to how long after the media were reporting the Skripals had been infected by an “unknown substance”, that we were being told a police officer had been infected.

    The point the person made on the related thread is that it is highly unlikely that just one police officer would be sent to Sergei Skripal’s home.

    1. I just did a search and this is what it says in an article in The Independent (on March 10th) re DS Bailey:

      He attended the bench where the pair, aged 66 and 33, were slumped and later went to Mr Skripal’s house.

      Is this in fact all we’ve been told (re DS Bailey)?

      1. In a wikipedia article I came across a bit ealier entitled ‘Novichok Agent’ it says the following:

        Professor Leonid Rink, who said he had done his doctoral dissertation research on the Novichok agents, expressed doubt that Russia was behind the attack, saying that if it had been carried out by Russian agents the Skripals would not have survived, and while the formulas had once been a closely guarded secret the compounds would now be able to be made by a number of countries possessing appropriate facilities. Rink also confirmed that the structures leaked by Mirzayanov were the correct ones.

        And in a Channel 4 News piece on Friday about Sergei Skripal, Alex Thomson says:

        “And tonight it’s announced Sergei Skripal looks like surviving what is surely the world’s most infamously amateur nerve agent attack.”


        Or staged attack!

  6. Boris Johnson has the brass neck to describe Jeremy Corbyn as the “Kremlin’s useful idiot” when it is him, his lies and his bull-in-a-china-shop approach to international diplomacy who is actually the Kremlin’s useful idiot. How they must be laughing at us.

  7. Narrative disintegrating, timely distraction in Syria. I’m surprised it’s taken them this long to put something together!

  8. The question begs, why were the this organisation not called in straight away?
    Richard Dennis.

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