Seems the BBC really, really doesn’t want you to make this connection (video)

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In a bombshell interview today, Porton Down chemical weapon facility CEO Gary Aitkenhead admitted to Sky News that they don’t know – and cannot tell from the information they can obtain from samples gather – where the Salisbury nerve agent was made.

Boris Johnson is on video record claiming he knew the toxin was made by the Russians – because Porton Down had told him ‘categorically’ that there was ‘no doubt’.

The Porton Down official’s admission directly contradicts the basis on which Theresa May and her government have expelled Russian diplomats – and persuaded other countries to do the same.

So far, the BBC has instead focused on Aitkenhead’s statement of confidence that the poison is a ‘novichok’ or related agent and referred only to him saying it’s not Porton Down’s job to identify sources – but highlighting how the Porton Down admission shows Boris Johnson’s unequivocal claim was completely false?


That revelation should bring down the government – or at the very least, see Johnson and May resigning in disgrace.

The BBC still found plenty of time for the vaporous issue of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to celebrate a Passover seder last night with a left-wing Jewish group – so it’s hard not to conclude that the BBC really doesn’t want to bring the revelation to its viewers’ attention.


Of course, in spite of all that, the BBC is impartial and our press estate is free and fair. So there’s no need at all to share this video with everything that moves to make sure that the news breaches the public consciousness as it should:

Edit: Sky News originally showed the Johnson video, but now seems to have removed it from its coverage of the Porton Down admission. Seems Murdoch is onside with the BBC. 

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  1. it’s called boris bull, he has learnt six languages apparently and then he started a new one, all the conservatives bought into, they are the only ones that talk it, even the unis cannot match this extreme language skill, however there is a solution, he could go to Iran in a prison swap, the world would be a safer place with idiots like this locked up somewhere nice and safe, fed 3 times a day and told to be quiet, in a lot of things I have never heard of someone so dangerous that could affect so many by talking such crap and I am not even doing Churchill, gag this bloke he is a danger to real world, oh and boris if your reading this I have some spare bike bits

  2. I have wondered for some time if a sufficient number of people were to cancel ther tv licence at the same time would it get the message to the BBC that impartial content is part of their charter. Complaining. about bias just gets you a smug,self satisfied response saying they cannot see a problem. I understand you can continue to access all other tv channels using catchup without having a licence

    1. Lest we forget: two against Corbyn and the Labour Manifesto for the Tories and the Labour Right in tandem. Robbie Gibb 23 years with the BBC, head of BBC parliamentary political team suddenly last summer becomes Theresa May’s Director of Communications. Talk about the inner network of chums. Then there’s James Purnell strategy media consultant who as head of corporate planning at the BBC leaves in 1990 to become special media adviser to Tony Blair. Elected MP for Stalybridge, he becomes minister in charge of new welfare “reforms” and Chair of Labour Friends of Israel. Then it’s back to the BBC as Director of Strategy in 2013 and now he wears the hat of Director of Radio and Education.

    2. You haven’t cancelled yours alright ? Join the club. Join the club. I don’t pay for propaganda. And many in Scotland don’t either.

  3. why is it when labour has a chance to cause the Tory’s some magor damage the Easter break gets in the way and when labour was gaining good traction during the election the election gets suspended because of terrorist attacks. its seems fate is against labour

  4. My apologies for going off topic, but I just came across a Sunday Times ‘Lead Article’ from April 1st entitled ‘Corbyn shamed by the company he keeps’, and the followng is the first paragraph:

    Who knows whether hell exists after unreliable reports that the Pope himself has doubts, but the saying that he who sups with the devil should have a long spoon holds as true today as it ever did. Jeremy Corbyn’s crisis over anti-semitism in the Labour Party is entirely self-inflicted as a result of the company he has long kept in the far-left swamplands. Social media have amplified the voices of the terrorist sympathisers, the conspiracy theorists, the tinfoil hatters and assorted far-left, anti-western extremists, but he has been hanging out with them amicably on the political fringe for decades.

    And needless to say, their shills were busy as usual in the Comments section:

    Let us move on from indignation. We now need a strategy to beat Corbyn and his Momentum Brown Shirts. The purpose of their anti-Semitism is to curry favour with Labour’s powerful UK block vote, composed of those who serve the same deity as the Palestinians. In every constituency, all decent folk should vote for the candidate most likely to beat Labour. This would be our block vote for decency in our land, consigning the red Nazi party to history. Any who abstain at election time will simply aid and abet Corbyn and his thugs. As Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    And this, in response to the above (known as Reinforcement in black propaganda circles):

    During the last election there was a co-ordinated constituency by constituency appraisal of the candidate most likely to beat TM.
    The same should be mounted against this despicable Britain-hating pretender. As you say, if the Labour members have no courage to move against him ( which they should have done two years ago) the nation must.
    If we take up arms against the Hitler without, the greater the imperative against the Hitler within who will leave us without even self respect should he win.

    And then more Reinforcement shortly after:

    In the book “ death of democracy ”
    The parallels between the national Socialists
    And the corbynistas “ not the Labour Party “
    Are frightening
    Corbyn / Mcdonell want to use Brexit as cover to end U.K. which they hate and will break up at first opportunity re Ireland .
    Just like the Nazis, corbyniatas is their hated of decency, respect, institutions
    And being against everything- anti capitalist
    Anti- religious, anti- conservative and most of all anti- Semitic
    If this country ever elects this gang of nasty
    Vile , disgusting people
    There’s no way back!!


    These are just three examples, and what with the Lead Article, so-called, itself, I think it’s crystal clear who’s running the ‘Hate Factory’, and the parallels with the Nazi-controlled media and how the Nazis demonised the Jews with falsehoods, are more than a little evident of course.

  5. Did our government just start another cold war to cover up Brexit? Oh,that’s okay then.

  6. OMG, in Switzerland, France and Belgium we have big news medias reporting on it. BBC is really a fraud it’s unbelievable

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