Left-wing US Jews react to Corbyn’s Passover choice

As the SKWAWKBOX covered last night, the long weekend saw the unseemly spectacle of right-wing Jewish groups and non-Jews attacking a group of left-wing Jews who go by the name ‘Jewdas’, in order to criticise Jeremy Corbyn for celebrating the Passover Seder with them.

Although Jewdas has previously been recognised as a genuine Jewish group by the likes of the very mainstream Jewish Chronicle (JC), the JC’s editor – along with non-Jewish ‘centrist’ MPs, dismissed the group and attacked Corbyn’s decision to spend Passover with them as ‘baiting’.

This sparked a backlash from well-known left-wing Jews such as author Michael Rosen, whose put-down of a lamentable non-Jewish Labour MP was a work of elegant but brutal art:

woodcock rosen cropped

News of Corbyn’s choice flew across the Atlantic and reached the ears of Jewish left-wingers in the USA, who were quick to express appreciation – and not a little envy, as demonstrated in tweets and retweets by the left-wing group Jewish Solidarity Caucus:

jsolus passover response

The Jewish view of Corbyn’s decision seems to depend on political leanings – which speaks volumes about the exploitation in the UK of genuine Jewish concerns about antisemitism and the claim that Corbyn can only be serious about fighting it if he aligns with the ‘right’ Jewish groups.

Which makes Corbyn’s choice look all the more intelligent as a way of both showing his and Labour’s solidarity with Jewish people and demonstrating a refusal to allow those with political ends to use it to manipulate him.

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  1. Speaking as a Yank, we can only hope there existed stateside something so clever and humorous as Jewdas on the left of the American spectrum. This entire episode reveals Corbyn’s nimble ability to make just about any attack backfire. Attending this particular seder at this particular moment is a master stroke.

  2. Why is John Woodcock denigrating our Jewish brothers and sisters in the honourable Jewdas organisation?

    His “grading” of Jewish people is disgusting and racist.

    We all know from history what happens when racists like John Woodcock cast themselves as the judge and executioner.

  3. “Verklempt” – what a superb word.

    Corbyn’s played an absolute political master stroke. Perfect in so many ways!

    1. I totally agree, Castor. He’s stuck two fingers up to the whole anti-semitism issue and thrown down the gauntlet to the back-stabbers with this one and made it very difficult for them to pursue this particular smear campaign. I think the idea is to make them want to leave the party of their own accord. He can’t do it directly by expelling them – he’d make martyrs out of them – much though they probably want him to.

      The British Board of Deputies are outraged that Corbyn hasn’t capitulated to their wishes and, as for the back-stabbers, there are few things more anti-semitic than Gentiles presuming to tell Jews who is and who isn’t anti-semitic/ good Jew/bad Jew. (I’m looking at you John Woodcock and Luke Akehurst)!

      The BBC were just now desperately trying to spin this as Corbyn shooting himself in the foot, but what the public will think is “Now I don’t know who to believe any more and frankly I’m not that bothered about the issue anyway”…

  4. I was so depressed when the media onslaught kicked off and it looked as though Labour couldn’t defend themselves. We have such a fantastic team. The Tories will be trying to build up a massive dirty tricks dept to combat Corbyn on the election trail but they have no chance. Even setting up a few more terrorist attacks on the streets of UK won’t help them!!

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