Video: May blunders badly with ill-judged #Salisbury fist-bump and selfies

Theresa May may have blundered badly with an ill-advised attempt to make political capital out of the horror of the Salisbury nerve-agent attack.


The Prime Minister was filmed holding flowers, taking selfies with onlookers – and even performed a fist-bump with one spectator. Of course, being Theresa May she messed it up – going for a second fist-bump with a second person who appears too busy with her mobile phone and ‘left her hanging’, before lamely lowering her unbumped fist:

may fist bump.gif

The longer video shows May moving on to take a selfie with a male admirer:

While three people are still in critical condition, fighting for their lives in hospital, it’s an incredibly crass move that does more to betray Tory panic about their anticipated implosion in May’s local elections than to redeem Theresa May’s public image.

Theresa May – in what appears to be a staged event – has managed to dig underneath even the Tories’ low standards.

Set against Jeremy Corbyn’s statesmanlike behaviour and language, it’s a bad look.

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  1. Fist bumping people and taking selfies at the scene of a poison attack?

    What on earth is wrong with Theresa May?

    1. And that other gawp with the phablet taking ‘selfies’ (God, but that word and connotations gives me homicidal tendencies).

      The effing state of the pair of them. Hope they need the NHS or DWP pretty soon. Won’t be any offers of ‘fisty bumps’ for tess from them, then, will there?

  2. Emily Mateless just showed the two second cut of unfumbled fist bump without the cringingly embarrassing follow-through.

  3. Carrying flowers and gracing the 20-strong ‘crowd’ with her presence like she’s on a Royal Progress.
    If I knew how to do it I’d plaster Newsnight’s clip, followed by yours, everyfuckingwhere.

  4. Not exactly appropriate behaviour under the circumstances. The reality though is that she and the Tories et al are ecstatic and buzzing on the success of their demolition job on JC. THAT is what it was all about. Think about it. I mean REALLY think about it AND all that’s happened in recent months, which ‘prepared’ the way.

  5. Once again, the arl bag leaves me cringing so much that I should join the circus as some sort of contortionist act.

    Maybe David Icke was right – maybe the elite ARE lizards. It’d explain their total lack of social skills

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