Audio/subs: crass Humphrys – ‘was #Hawking cut a bit of slack because he was so disabled?’

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Professor Stephen Hawking, the intellectual giant of theoretical physics who confounded medical expectation and campaigned for the NHS, has died aged seventy-six.

This morning, the BBC’s John Humphrys, on his Radio 4 Today programme, provoked outrage with an astonishingly crass question to physics professors Brian Cox and Carlos Frenk:

I wonder whether it was ever said of him in your profession that he was cut a bit of slack because he was so desperately disabled but fought through it?

If only it was unbelievable.

In addition to the many thinks that Hawking did not need ‘slack’ from anyone to do, at the time of his death he was also involved in a legal case to protect the NHS from yet another damaging reorganisation by a Tory government preparing it for easier privatisation.

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  1. ‘kin Ada – Whatever next?

    How the absolute F does asking inane, asinine, idiotic questions like that get anybody one of the highest-paid presenting jobs at the state broadcaster?

    (It’s an entirely rhetorical question)

    It’s that mindset that has cut the toerags some slack because they’re
    so fuckwittedly incompetent to the point of it being criminal. It must be.

  2. I think its high time the BBC cut a bit of slack out of the BBC and started sacking brain dead interviewers like John Humphries.

  3. How grotesquely unfortunate! Did Humphrys understand the first thing about what Stephen Hawking achieved? Evidently not!

  4. He is after the title of R. Sliker in chief when it comes to Tories.
    From what I hear the man who hasn’t even got any higher ed qualifications has the cheek to say that about one of the greatest intelects of our time.

  5. In other words, “Yeah, but was he really THAT clever – or just clever for a cripple?”
    Utter tosser.
    His next question should be, “Would you like fries with that?”

  6. I think I should sue Humphries for actual bodily harm, caused by my jaw dropping so hard and fast upon hearing that. Personally I won’t “cut Humphries some slack” as a dotard and an idiot – he should have been taken off air a long time ago. He deserves everything that follows from this crass disablism.

    The persecution can’t even stop for a dead intellectual giant from these govt propagandists. How very dare they insinuate blanket inadequacy in work and life – along the lines of the nudge nudge we all know we carry those lead swingers.

  7. If I recall Humphries is one of the most highly paid presenters in the BBC. £600,000. What do we think now folks, my response “Sack Him Now”

  8. Humphreys isnt brain dead. He’s following the editorial line handed him to him by presumably a Tory.

  9. Unlike Humphries, Hawking is an intellectual giant and will long be remembered as such alongside Einstein and Newton. Humphries will only be remembered for his insulting and flipant remarks.

    1. Nope Humphries will not be remembered full stop , after 10 yrs he will be a nobody nothing just dust particles floating round in the ether like white noise, whilst Hawkings theories and findings will continue to inform and educate the many upcoming generations of scientist for the foreseeable future.
      Humphries ,,, a know nothing worm and vacuous radio presenter , value to the human race ZERO, Hawking well ……… that’s another story of epic worth.

  10. What a devious thing to say, but that is bbc reporting these days. Seems the bbc engages actively in discrtimination of people with additional needs. Stephen Hawking was a genius in his field and qan inspiration to us all.

  11. Another Tory mouthpiece, with his foot in it!
    Why do we, the listener, have to keep putting up with this cretin of a human being?
    Spewing his rhetoric and BS on a daily basis!
    What makes me very angry, before I retired from the rat race, was being told “I could do your job, sitting on my arse driving an 18 tonner, delivering parcels all over the North West, 15 hours a day with spreadover, 6 days a week with an annual salary of £26 thousand!
    Then you have the likes of Humphries sitting on his arse being payed £600 THOUSAND a year and going nowhere, other than, down the pan for his gross remarks about Stephen Hawking!
    “I WISH”!

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