Video: Neil ‘does a Paxman’ on squirming Tory minister over Corbyn smears

It’s not often that the SKWAWKBOX congratulates Andrew Neil. Most recently, we’ve been critical of his handling of Haringey council leader Claire Kober’s uninvestigated – and for that matter, unreported to the Labour Party – allegations of bullying and sexism, especially when she herself has been accused of bullying and has admitted preparing ‘dossiers’ against left-wing prospective candidates for Haringey council.

Judging by his reaction on Twitter, Mr Neil was less than happy.

However, it seems that Mr Neil agrees with us that recent smears by Tory front-benchers against Jeremy Corbyn have been beyond the pale – as they prompted him to ‘do a Paxman’ on Wednesday on a hapless Tory minister during the BBC’s Daily Politics programme:

(Video by the BBC, subtitles added by the SKWAWKBOX)


The Tories and their media allies have allowed their desperation at Corbyn’s continued popularity – their own internal polling recently put Labour twelve points ahead – to push them into descending to frankly ridiculous depths to try to smear him.

It’s all unravelling – and now they’re bleating because Corbyn has warned them that change is coming, as he intends to hold the press barons to account for their behaviour and their misleading of the public once he’s in Downing Street.

Their ‘outrageous smear’ will win them little sympathy.

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  1. Well that makes a refreshing change – and about time.
    I don’t forgive him his trespasses yet but it counts as the first of his twelve steps to rehabilitation.
    Next he has to apologise to us all personally and we get to kick him up the arse.

  2. David McNiven – absolutely agree! baggy first for the arse kicking!

  3. nah the whole lot of bbc staff who supported this corrupt government should be sacked

    1. Agreed, @Jeffrey.

      I remain unconvinced by neil here; and will refrain from any praise (backhanded or otherwise) as he’s doing the job he’s paid for – for a change!

      When he nails the tory top brass and not some nobody (I don’t care what post baker holds – he’s a nobody) I MIGHT afford neil a bit of kudos for that and that alone.

      But it’s certain he’ll always be overtly tory.


      At least twice 🙂

      1. @daily_politics @afneil @SteveBakerHW

        Putting a little minnow like Baker on the spot is one thing.
        Get back to us when you have the puppet masters’ feet to the fire if you want forgiveness for your part in the neoliberal disinformation machine that is the MSM.

        4:18 AM – 22 Feb 2018

        I hear he has a habit of blocking people who criticise him 🙁

    2. Except there aren’t enough staff left uninfected by the Torypox virus to run a news stand on the street, let alone the Beeb.

  4. I’d want to see your petition’s wording. The link only shows your name, not the petition and requires my name and address to “sign Mark Smith’s petition.” I’m not ready to do that until I know what I’ll be signing, sorry.

    1. David, it asks for name and email address, which will not be shown.
      How this is clearer thanks.

      I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

      Click this link to sign the petition:

      My petition:

      An independent enquiry of the BBC and Ofcom for suppressing complaints.

      It is clear there is a right wing bias, the system to complain at the BBC and Ofcom is designed to put people off and has no transparency. When you have over 40% of the people voting for the two main parties, the publicly owned BBC should be representational. It is clearly suppressing complaints.

      1. Sorry should have said hope, and 40% for each of the two main parties.
        Had my pain killers, not having a good day

  5. It’s about time Labour/CorbCorsyarted using the legal system to punish those spreading BS. There are people out there that believe everything in the papers so it’s critical he take legal act3everyasingle time now.

  6. Jezza had better pull out his old bullet proof jacket, the one he probably wore on those motorcycle trips around Russia with Dianne Abbott.

  7. He is a very good interviewer when he wants to be.

    In the past, he went after a Conservative on the question of inheritance tax which only affects about 5% of estates. And most of them would not be affected very much anyway.

  8. He is MP for High Wycombe. He must be targeted for defeat next time.

    Swing needed: 6%+. Achievable!

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