Corbyn pressing Bradley for apology and donation to charity over spy ‘libel’

Two days ago, Tory MP Ben Bradley – no stranger to controversy after furores over comments about ‘eugenics‘, ‘splatting chavs’ and smears against Labour for organising events for ‘BAME’ and LGBT members – tweeted a comment about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

bbrad libel

The allegation was so outrageous that even the S*n and Mail had avoided making it explicit in their coverage of claims by Czech ‘fantasist’ Jan Sarkocy.

Around the same time that Corbyn instructed lawyers to write to Mr Bradley about his tweet, it was deleted from his Twitter feed.

Now Labour sources have told the SKWAWKBOX that Corbyn is pressing Bradley to issue a public apology for the comment – and to make a ‘significant’ donation to charity. The full details of Corbyn’s demands are laid out in a solicitor’s letter to the Tory MP:

bb jc1bbc jc 2bb jc 3

No details of any response are available so far.

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  1. Cough up, Mr Bradley.

    The clock is ticking and every moment you delay will incur exponentially increasing costs at your expense.

    Surely you don’t want to be a bankrupt as well as a proven liar?

  2. High y8metthese lying scumbags were punished. I hope this sets the tone for all future Libel agaagai Corbyn

  3. What charity(ies) shoud receive the dosh?

    How about:

    Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign – Seeing as the idiot’s a keen proponent of state-sponsored police violence (Probably because he couldn’t punch his own way out of a wet paper bag)

    Or any unemployment/welfare help centre? You know – to help those out of work ‘wasters’ he so despises?

    Just anything that’s really gonna rankle with the cowardly divvy for the rest of his days. 🙂

    1. I think he should give it to Birmingham bombing crowd funding, they wouldn’t expect that

  4. He is the MP for Mansfield. Given his young age, it is essential that he is heavily defeated at the next election. The worse his defeat, the less likely that he will get selected for a better seat later on.

    1. He is the MP for Mansfield.

      All the more reason that the Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign ought to receive (some of) the dough…

  5. A little spark in me hopes he digs his heels in an doesn’t do what he should.
    Let him think, he’s bigger than he really is, I want to see him get his in the HIGH COURT!

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