German archive: there are NO ‘Stasi files’ on Corbyn

Yesterday, the S*n’s Trevor Kavanagh appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme to defend his publication’s attempts to smear Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn based on the claims of a discredited Czech ‘fantasist’.

After claiming – ridiculously, when the programme had just shown a Czech intelligence archivist explaining that there was nothing in their records to indicate Corbyn had ever been anything other than someone they found of interest – Kavanagh claimed that nothing the S*n had published had been contradicted.

Kavanagh then changed tack and tried to claim that the much more important question is what happened when Corbyn and Diane Abbott went on a motorcycle holiday in East Germany during the 1970s:

This is not a new smear, more like an opportunistic recycling of an old one – as the S*n published similarly last October:

scum jc da.png

Unfortunately for Kavanagh and the S*n, the BStU – the German state archive of Stasi (East German intelligence) files – today published a statement that a thorough search of their records had revealed no files about Jeremy Corbyn. None whatever:


Even the dry, bureaucratic state archive found the claims ‘outrageous speculation‘.

So Kavanagh has ended up admitting that his paper’s nonsensical claims about Czech contacts are much less important than – well, than some stuff that doesn’t exist.

That hasn’t stopped the S*n from publishing an article about four hours ago saying that Corbyn has questions to answer about Stasi files:

scum stasi.png

At the time of publication, the article has not yet been deleted or corrected, even after the BStU’s clear statement and obvious derision of the ‘outrageous speculation’.

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  1. I watched that interview and wanted to scream. The story is nearly as unbelievable as Freddy Star eating someones hamster. That Baroness from the House of Lords who also piped in was ridiculous – saying the story was important even if it wasn’t true as it is important that we all think about the Cold War. She revealed how thick she was by the way she discussed the issue of rape. The Daily Politics Show is always heavily weighted to the right.

  2. The trouble with these stories is that most of the people who see these things never see the retraction and is why they carry on!!! Jeremy needs to sue one of these disgusting rags to get it stopped!!!

  3. He’s already demanded a public apology from one idiot, I do hope he sues the Sun

    1. Yep.

      And I hope Corbyn then donates his award to independent, left wing sites like (and including) this 🙂

  4. Next SCUM / Daily Heil / Daily Torygraph headline;

    “Merkle Orders Trashing of STASI File To Protect Remainer Corbyn”

    You couldn’t make it up – well actually the frequently do.


  5. Taking the massive risk of ridiculous false accusations backfiring seems like a rearguard action to keep us off balance while they try to get their brexshit together.

  6. That’s the best way to deal with this shit from here onwards ,,,, take the piss , ridicule , laugh and make them, the Tory liars and their scum papers , an object of outright disgust and a laughing stock , along with those people who continue to believe this utter rubbish they too are a laughing stock.
    Much as I detest Andrew Neil the interview on Daily Politics where he ripped up that twxx of a Tory , one could see the disgust he felt at the state of the Tory party and it’s outright lies.
    Now time to re-focus on the Tories weakness , their utter chaotic screw up mismanagement of Brexit , their complete and utter shattering as a party of Govt and a PM who is hostage to a minority few very dangerous MPs who are members of the European Research Group .
    Oh plus of course the NHS , those who have died because of DWP cuts , disabled people etc etc
    CONservatives the party that shattered the UNITED KINGDOM split the nation and set ordinary folks at each others throats.

  7. Didn’t watch the interview (Or click the link) but was it mentioned to kavanagh that his mates at IPSO have basically given him ‘carte blanche’ to make potentially inflammatory/libellous statements?

    No wonder Corbyn’s told them how it’s gonna be once he’s in…

  8. A lot of people will just hear the story and so will tend to believe there is some truth in it despite the fact that it is total nonsense. That is what they are hoping for. I do not believe that much of the anti-Corbyn stuff at the last election had no effect. I think it is more the case that it did not have as much effect as they hoped.

    Two facts about Corbyn:

    1. He had no information in the first place.

    2. As part of the ‘New Left’ he would be rather critical of the USSR and the then states of Eastern Europe.

  9. I watched both loones, letting us know their opinion, trying to claim it must be true!
    KAVANAUGH OF THE RIGHT trying in vain to convince me he was right about everything he spoke of about Jeremy Corbyn being linked to the spy network of the Czech State!
    Not only that, he then went on to bring holidays up back in the 1970s! KAVANAUGH, GO AND GET YOUR HEAD BOILED!
    Then the crossbencher in the lords doing the females (of which she’s one) of this country a disservice, by putting her right-wing two pennyworth in and making herself look a proper fool!

  10. I guess we have been through this before:

    “…During the first weeks of 1933, the Nazi regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels to stoke fears of a pending “Communist uprising,” then channeled popular anxieties into political measures that eradicated civil liberties and democracy. “…
    Source: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007655

    All these smears fit the pattern. Just rephrase the first sentences to read:
    “…During the last weeks of 2018, the neo-liberal exploitative capitalist regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels…”, and it all makes sense.

    The same article concludes by stating:

    “…The last surviving German radio station, located in Flensberg, near the Danish border, made its final broadcast in the name of the National Socialist state on May 9, 1945. After reporting the news of the unconditional capitulation of German forces to the Allies, it went off the air…”.

    As they say in German, “Lügen haben kurze Beine” – “Lies have short legs”. And, as Corbyn said: “Change is coming”.

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