3 more Liverpool Pizza Huts boycott S*n voucher offer

Last night the SKWAWKBOX covered the boycott by four Pizza Hut Delivery franchises on Merseyside of a free pizza voucher offer their national office had arranged with the S*n. The national organisation had apologised to customers outraged by the promotion after a campaign by Stop Funding Hate and Total Eclipse of the S*n, to predictable tantrums by supporters of the Murdoch rag.

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Today, three further branches in Liverpool announced their decision to join the boycott. The franchises – Smithdown Road, Walton Vale and Prescot Street – will also join the offer arranged by the first four branches: customers who quote ‘You’ll never walk alone’ will receive their order at half price.

Welcoming the move, a Total Eclipse spokesperson told the SKWAWKBOX:

As a campaign we exist to promote all those who take a responsible stance against the s*n.

We have supported and promoted newsagents, taxi drivers, individuals, unions, football clubs, local councils and others who stand against the most reviled publication on the shelves.

We appreciate the difficult situation local Pizza Hut Delivery outlets found themselves in recently after head office chose the rag for a sales campaign.

We recognise that several local Pizza Hut delivery outlets have formally distanced themselves from this campaign with the s*n and we support and promote their stance.

The s*n is a toxic brand on Merseyside and will never be forgiven.

The Merseyside promotion runs until 15 December. Almost every branch on Merseyside has now boycotted the S*n promotion, which ends on Thursday. Will other franchisees around the country get the message and help ‘eclipse the S*n’?

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  1. I admire the stance Liverpool people are taking the whole country should be following 😑the rag is toxic!!
    Love from a wee Scottish wummin 😊

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