S*n’s desperate smear to distract from Defence Sec’s £30k dinner with ‘Putin crony’

The S*n has launched a desperate smear on Jeremy Corbyn that amounts to nothing but innuendo: he had a general chat with a Czech diplomat – in the House of Commons, not some darkened park – and even the S*n can’t help admitting that the Czech’s record of the conversation states:

scum gen.png

It’s the feeblest of smears, with damning-sounding headlines and nothing of substance behind them.

However, three days ago the Daily Mirror reported that Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson will be having a lengthy dinner with a ‘crony’ of Russian president Vladimir Putin – in return for a payment to Tory coffers of £30,000:

mirror crony.png

The paper points out that Williamson spend ample time with the Russian, giving her a private tour of Churchill’s war rooms, followed by dinner.

In December, Theresa May not only spent an extended period in a room with a Ukrainian official accused of being a Russian spy, but conducted lengthy and extremely sensitive discussions while he translated.

There is no suggestion that she knew, as the accusations were made later – but it’s a demonstration of how easy it is to spend time in official buildings with representatives of foreign nations who may later turn out not to be what they claimed..


As the Mirror notes, the meeting happened just two weeks after Williamson had warned of a Russian cyber-threat to the UK’s energy supply.

One is a genuine scandal, one is vapour for smear purposes by a rag. It’s clear which one is which – and which one is dangerous.

And the timing of the tissue-thin S*n smear is highly unlikely to be coincidental.

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  1. A supplementary question is why the BBC chose to highlight this ,and one other headline,in their newspaper review on its news website thus giving it greater prominence. There is form here as only a couple of days ago in its newspaper review they featured a Daily Mail rehash of the Momentum deselection story taken from the inside pages. I contacted the BBC to ask for the editorial rationale for highlighting a story which has already been discredited but as yet have no reply. Does anybody know who is responsible for editing the newspaper review?

  2. Off topic, but on virtually every Skwawkbox article I read (such as this one), on any device desktop or various mobile – different platforms, almost all images fail to load leaving a png file names all over the place, especially where you’re trying to display images of numerous tweets within the article. It makes your articles hard to decipher. Are you aware of this problem?
    (even my own facebook profile photo fails to load next to my login below this comment!)

      1. Tested Android – Chrome – Images showing
        Tested Mac – Safari/Chrome/Firefox – Not Showing
        Tested iPad Safari – Not Showing
        looks like it’s a Mac thing.

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