Labour recruiting for new ‘community organiser’ roles

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Last September, the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed a shake-up in the Labour Party’s campaigning, with the decision not to replace outgoing campaigns head Patrick Heneghan in favour of recruiting ‘community organisers’ to help integrate new members and build the party’s profile and impact in ‘post-industrial’ communities.

Labour is now recruiting seven community organisers and two lead community organisers. The lead organisers will be based in London and the organisers across the country as follows:

  • 3 in Scotland
  • 1 in the West Midlands – initially based in Stoke
  • 1 in the South East – initially based in Hastings
  • 1 in Yorkshire & Humber – initially based in Shipley
  • 1 in the East Midlands Region – initially based in Mansfield

For full details of these and other vacancies and salaries, see here.

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  1. Might be worth a follow up on this one, Swawkbox.

    The question needs to be asked: under Iain McNicol’s leadership, why are so many Labour staff members against the leadership of the party and why do they engage in activity to undermine the leadership?

    I would suggest the answer can at least partially be found in the Labour party’s recruitment processes.

    McNicol is happy to rig internal party elections. He and his fellow wreckers at Regional level also have no qualms whatsoever about rigging the Labour Party’s recruitment process.

    Discriminating against people by choosing pre-determined candidates, because they are amenable to McNicol’s project to undermine the party leader, is an illegal act.

    They’ve been doing this for years. I understand that HR are fully aware and have failed to challenge this illegal behaviour.

  2. Where does this leave the whole of Northern England? The NW Regional Office is either biased in favour of the right wing of the Party or incompetent. Important notices sent out when it’s too late to act upon them or only sent to some members not all.

  3. As suggested above, the most important pieces of information is who will be appointing and who will be line-managing these new community organisers. We had a new regional officer foisted on us within the last two years who boasts on his CV about his admiration for Blair… it was no wonder that our choice of PPC in the GE was brushed aside and we were lumbered with a young RW candidate who had no interest in campaigning. It caused huge division in the CLP between those who were and those who were not prepared to swallow the insulting treatment of the membership.

    Frankly, I’d rather no community organisers than another layer of right wing know-it-alls who know almost nothing. The top-down US model that produced Obama will not fit the bill.

    On the other hand… there is a potential for something positive. However, I agree with Kay … why doesn’t northern England figure on the list?

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