Creasy ‘trolls Labour members’ re party with Tory. Here’s how it went

Fresh from stirring controversy by having to apologise for posting a ‘racist ad’ to a parliamentary Whatsapp group, Labour MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy decided last night that it would be a good idea to tweet a selfie of herself with Tory front-bencher Matt Hancock at the NME music awards, in an apparent – if failed – attempt to ‘goad’ this blog:

sc orig.png

In December, Ms Creasy had tweeted bizarrely accusing the SKWAWKBOX of ‘victim-blaming’ after we sent her a press enquiry about a gig she attended with a right-wing MP, a journalist and a right-wing former Labour MP who mocked a gambling addict as ‘rouletteboy’. It didn’t go well.

The reaction to last night’s selfie was swift, as Labour members and others gave their opinion on her apparent happiness at hanging around with a prominent member of the party that inflicted austerity on the UK.

Some responses were pithy in the extreme:

sc fsot

sc fsg

Others felt it demonstrated a particular disconnect with the lives of the struggling people – and a certain electoral misjudgment:

sc rub

Some thought that Ms Creasy would benefit from a reminder of the opinion of a Labour Party giant:

sc nye 5

While others felt that her tweet was not entirely in keeping with Labour’s social media policy:

sc smp.png

The policy states that

Those with privilege, whether due to their…party position…should have regard to how their actions may be felt by those in different circumstances to themselves.

so ‘Fred Bloggs’ may have a point, as the appalled reactions of some in difficult circumstances demonstrated. Many responded to provide their opinion on socialising with Tory MPs in view of the harm and distress that Tory policies have inflicted on them, their loved ones or society.

Some pointed to society and the effects on disabled and vulnerable people:

sc infsc homelesssc rub nose

Others pointed to more specific examples, including that of a homeless man who died next to Parliament yesterday and a young mother who died in her freezing home, wearing her coat because she couldn’t afford to heat her house while her children were at school:

sc tories kill

One very personal response was particularly heart-rending:

sc fear

Occasionally, Ms Creasy responded, but – as has happened on previous occasions – she appeared to respond to something other than the question being asked or the point being made:

sc swerve 1

Chris Hall asked a question about socialism but got a different answer. And the SKWAWKBOX specifically challenges Ms Creasy to show any occasion of this blog ‘demanding she leave a gig because a Tory MP turns up‘. Ever. Or even suggesting it.

sg civil

Asked why she would ‘show off’ and ‘rub our noses in [it]’, Ms Creasy claims her questioner is cross because she was civil to someone. ‘Take a selfie and tweet it’ would rarely be found under any dictionary definition of ‘civil’.

This tactic – answering as if the issue was civility instead of a provocatively-tweeted selfie with a Secretary of State of the party whose policies have been blamed for the misery of millions and linked to the deaths of many tens of thousands – failed to impress:

sg speak

Never mind, there’s always condescension to fall back on:

sc condescend.png

A number of people pointed out that Ms Creasy’s latest Twitter adventure began barely an hour after the Labour Party had broadcast a harrowing, moving ‘party political broadcast’ video about just the kind of cost – in lives, misery and societal damage – of Tory policies that her tweet was being criticised for ignoring:

And with that, we’ll end.

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  1. Is Creasy trying to take Jess Phillips’ crown? Hard to say who is more loathsome.

    Would she think it ok to “be civil” to fascists she bumped into at a social event? No, because fascists are repellant people. Tories, on the other hand, are potential future employers, so they’re just fine!

    The reason these filth pal around with Tories is that it’s the most reliable route to a post-parliamentary career after they’re turfed out of the party when Corbyn wins the next election. You ARE going to turf them out, aren’t you, Jeremy?…Jeremy…???

  2. Utterly disgraceful. I note Ms Creasy is her usual patronising, condescending self. She ALWAYS tries to deflect her failure on ordinary people, usually with negative responses.

    When Ms Creasy & Ms Phillips decided to have a rant about Chris Williamson re railway carriages for women to make them safe on trains without guards, she made a complete ass of herself. She had her supporters of course who called idea put forward by Chris as women being made to “pay” for nasty men who can’t keep their hands to themselves. Chris however was extremely polite and said he was calling for a consultation and put this idea forward as a starting point.

    Ms Creasy ranted on and on. Chris politely left the scene having said his bit. Still Ms Creasy ranted on being supported by her fellow ranters. How dare Chris suggest such a thing. Silly me said she thought it was an idea that could work and maybe we should have a consultation. Ms Creasy went off the deep end. Her pals followed suit called me an anti-feminist. It was like being in a kids playground!

    In the end I asked Ms Creasy why she was ranting on about Chris suggesting a consultation about women’s safety on trains. As I was attacked on a guard less train I welcomed Chris’s idea but did not welcome her attacking him. She became her usual patronizing self and wrote to me as tho I was 7yr old. I became very frustrated with her: “What is your real motive for attacking Chris? Is it because he supports Mr Corbyn?” I was subsequently blocked. General members of the public are blocked unless they agree with Ms. Creasy.

    If you support or are seen to support Mr Corbyn or any of his team you are blocked. Ms Phillips just tells folk who don’t agree with her to Foxtrot Oscar and blocks you. These MPs should not be anywhere near Westminster. They do not care about those vulnerable folk being “killed off”. Why should they care? They are on the “gravy train” collecting vast sums of money in expenses. Just so crass and don’t even care what is happening.

    They disgust me, all of these MPs who see nothing wrong in convorting with enemy. Laura Pidcock has right idea.

  3. Quite frankly Creasy obviously feels quite secure in her position and need no fear of discipline from her CLP , no need to heed the official Labour Party Social Media Polices , and it is quite clear she is making a point of goading this blog.
    Unfortunately what is clearly demonstrated is a juvenile and immature attitude to criticisms levelled regarding her lack of judgement and fitness to be a Labour MP.,
    The concern is when not if we get a Corbyn lead Govt just what stupid antics immature children like this will then get up to .
    There is a yawning cavern , canyon actually , between the calibre such as Barbara Castle , and more up to date Kate Osamor Laura Piddock than the like of Creasy and the other twin idiot Phillips. .
    We( aka their CLPS ) really do need to up the game in re-selecting better candidates than the like of these fools .
    Oh and for gender balance I also include Ian Austin , Bradshaw , Kinnock jnr, etc take one’s choice.

  4. She is a disgrace to the party, the members and most importantly her constituents. She should be suspended immediately. She appears to think that she is politically untouchable. She is an arrogant woman who believes her own PR.

  5. Stella Creasy is not a Labour MP, she is in fact a Cooperative Party MP. Her party, the party she is loyal to, the Cooperative Party, has just 10,000 members across the UK. That averages out at one member per ward.

    Her party doesn’t have a pot to piss in. The Cooperative Party has just £50k in the bank.

    Without campaigning under the Labour brand, supported and funded by the Labour Party membership, Stella Creasy would be a complete nobody. She owes Labour members her entire political career.

    And exactly how does she repay Labour Party members for the incalculable debt she owes them?

    By taking the piss out of them by posting infantile, incendiary tweets showing her palling around with Tory vermin whose austerity policies are literally killing people.

    Stella Creasy is a complete disgrace. She is not a fit person to stand under the Labour banner.

    1. ‘She owes Labour members her entire political career.’

      Yeah – her and the rest of her family, the nepotistic rodent.

  6. My concern is if Labour win the next election a by a smallish margin, what is to stop people like Creasy stopping Corbyn from becoming PM.

    Don’t forget, the PM will be whoever can command a majority in the House of Commons. Would that be JC with clowns like this in the PLP?

    She protests about witch hunts yet actually, by her behaviour, makes the case for mandatory reselection.

    Can’t come quick enough for me.

  7. @jamcrash said EXACTLY what my first thought was.

    What an absolute f**king embarrassment that greasy is. No sympathy whatsoever for any ‘abuse’ she received/receives. Brought upon itself.

    One thoroughly odious twunt, that.

  8. Appalled and sickened by the behaviour of Creasy. Agree with Rob. She does it because she can. I really don’t care who this tedious woman hangs around with. I do however, care very much for all those affected by the policies of this callous and cruel government. The Skwarkbox has done so much to highlight the injustices of this brutal government while Creasy indulges in petty point scoring. Perhaps it is time she took herself and her inflated ego somewhere else. The Working Class deserve better. Before she starts crying she is being bullied may I say I am 76 years old and partially sighted and have never bullied anyone in my life. It is heart breaking to see the way decent people, young and old are being treated. It is only blogs like this that report on the abuse of so many.. Thank you.

  9. Those who have read Left Wing theory (and ideally may have experienced poverty too) know the rich and powerful (the real little people of the planet) legally steal the surplus labour of working people.
    The Tory Barbarians help to facilitate this (and the Lib Dems) plus some argue Right Wing Labour MPs too.
    The Tories think they stand on their own two feet but there are over 1,000 tax reliefs for the rich and better off, corporate welfare is £93b a year, tax avoidance is £120b a year plus 10tr dollars is stashed illicitly in offshore banks by the rich globally TO AVOID GIVING TO SOCIETIES. The Tories via privilege are socialised through this ignorance and which is reinforced by each other and the grotesque Right Wing media and for example they often charge the left with having “the politics of envy” but no Tory legal thieves IT IS THE POLITICS OF ECONOMIC JUSTICE!
    In my opinion I would prefer 620 left wing democratic socialist Labour MPs in the UK and will work to this end.
    I am also proud that my trade union is standing by the poorest and for example is trying to counter the current dominant Right Wing narrative on welfare.
    It is the labour of working people that really creates the wealth and makes societies work; Labour should be the natural political party of these working people and UNDER JC NOW IS!
    Ignore the irrelevant ”Great Men and Women of History’ (without an original idea in their heads); it is time for “The Great Masses of History” facilitated by left wing democratic socialists and in the UK by the likes of JC. And never forget whose side you are on.

  10. On a connected note, I notice that gobshite at huff post hasn’t bothered with an article about this latest one from greasy…Why not email him & ask why?

  11. Fancy being photographed with someone as right-wing and as obnoxious as that.

    Shame on you, Matt Hancock!

  12. Creasy, your days are numbered, start looking for a new job or become one of the unemployable relying on mates to give you a start with a completely new career, as a sewer attendant!
    “We know”, that’s where you spend most of your time, “along with the Tory Rats”!

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