#Grenfell solidarity marches in London and Manchester

As the Grenfell Tower tragedy falls further down the agenda of the mainstream news outlets, campaigners and supporters are determined maintain public awareness.

The tragedy is far from over. The controversial public inquiry is ongoing and in spite of a promise from Theresa May to rehome all those affected within three weeks, as of last weekend eight months later, of the 207 surviving families:

  • 88 are still stranded in emergency accommodation
  • 61 are stuck in temporary accommodation
  • just 58 now have a stable home

In an effort to keep the disaster and its aftermath in the public mind, marches and rallies took place last night in London and Manchester:

grenfell march1.png
Grenfell solidarity marchers in London
grenf manch
Manchester’s Grenfell solidarity rally

The need for justice has not diminished, but there is a darker side to the ‘hearts and minds’ battle around Grenfell as campaigners fight for it. The SKWAWKBOX will be revealing more shortly.

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  1. This situation with the Grenfell survivors is yet another example of this Government’s disinterest in the needs of the people. Even in this case, which came about as a direct result of Governmental mistakes and a lack of concern about protecting vulnerable citizens, the Government fails to act. It is unacceptable that the victims of Grenfell are still in a state of limbo these many months later. The Government must act, and act quickly to help them. Has the missing £19 million pounds that was donated by the public been tracked down yet? If not may I suggest that the Government reimburses it to those it was intended for!

  2. Diverse working class life it seems is cheap particularly ever since the Tories were captured by Neo-Liberalism..
    But the Tories both locally and nationally and their ideology are now in the dock.
    And many of us would argue their Neo-Liberal policies are to blame.
    We should have marches all over the UK!
    Justice for Grenfell!

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