The truth about the ‘more expensive for white people’ smear

Far-right sites have been spreading a smear about a Labour event in the East Midlands that supposedly charged white people a higher ticket price than others.

To his shame, Tory MP Ben Bradley – fresh from the exposure of his disgraceful ‘eugenics’ comments about having unemployed people sterilised – repeated the slur on Facebook:

bradley smear.png

The truth of the matter is simple. The price of tickets was £40 for everyone. However, tickets for BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) members were subsidised by BAME Labour – a membership organisation for BAME Labour members.

In other words, the discounted price for people from ethnic minorities was no different to a discount subsidised by any club for the benefit of its members.

And as BAME Labour is a ‘socialist society’ separate from the Labour Party, which charges its members a separate membership fee, the discounted price was not a Labour Party matter.

Of course, such everyday nuances are always going to be ignored by right-wingers eager to smear or stir up racial hatred.

Especially those who are trying to divert attention from their own embarrassments.

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  1. Do you think he honestly did not know? He knew very well the circumstances surrounding the discounted ticket sales. Or, to give him the benefit of the doubt, if he didn’t know, he should have asked. To paraphrase George Galloway, we all know the standards have fallen in the conservative party, the only shock is how low they have fallen!

  2. Where’s Maybot’s rapid response fake news squad when you need them? Seriously, it seems this twat doesn’t like being held to account for his own actions.

  3. “Of course, such everyday nuances are always going to be ignored by right-wingers eager to smear or stir up racial hatred.” I could take that more seriously if you knew what that it meant and were prepared not to ignore “nuances” yourselves. Bradley didn’t make “comments about having unemployed people sterilised”, did he? Don’t complain when your opponents use the same tactics as you!

  4. In the good old days, the T&GWU (as was) used to subsidise me for Local Government and Regional Conferences. Never heard a Tory MP bleat then…..

  5. He just can’t keep his mouth shut can he? This is a blatant lie from a highly placed Tory. What will May do about it? Absolutely nothing. She’ll scream and shout at McDonnell and others for remarks they haven’t made,she’ll ask for disciplinary action against them but do nothing against this toe rag

  6. Depressing how the racist white trash on Twitter gleefully claim white people are being racially discriminated against by not getting the same discount as BAME members.

    Suspicion of outsiders – the other – has been the norm throughout history and Tories have taken advantage of and fostered that instinct to divide and rule us at home and abroad for so many centuries it’s become second nature to them.

    Despite the abolition of slavery in the 19th century Tory-led pride in Empire encouraged us to view other races as subordinate. Only in the 20th century did we begin trying to overcome that “No blacks, no dogs, no Irish” instinct with legislation.

    It’s a slow process helping people to evolve and it may never be possible in some cases but we really ought to give the means of doing that more thought.
    Only ideas I have might be thought a bit Draconian – most parents would probably object to having their offspring removed from their influence so we could build Utopia in a single generation for example 🙂
    Just kidding but…

  7. SO even with the BAME discount, white people have to pay more. So that is a price distinction based on the skin colour/ethnic origin of the person the ticket is for… which is price discrimination, based on skin colour… which is racism. Any way you slice this, it IS racist! And considering this is in Leicester, which is one of the most racially diverse places in the country, there surely is no need for any so-called “positive” discrimination. This just undeniably proves that today’s labour party is now openly racist.

    1. It’s a discount based on membership of the organisation providing the subsidy. Which is obvious to anyone not wearing blinkers…

  8. “Bradley”, flapping his lips again, before he’s engaged his brain!
    Leopards and spots spring to mind, he can’t help himself when he smells a wouldbe lie!
    He has to add his twopenny worth of cruddy remarks, he’s what we called wayback a washerwoman, a busybody, a complete knowall, who knows fuckall!
    He’s your archetypal “FASCIST FAR RIGHT TORY”!

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