Excl: Bradley a “student with no responsibilities”? Not quite..

Tory MP Ben Bradley, who has been embroiled in controversy over his comments about sterilising unemployed ‘wasters‘ and ‘splat[ting] chavs‘ with a water cannon, has issued a video apology in which he attempts to mitigate his comments – made in 2011 and 2012 – by claiming he was ‘a student with no real responsibilities‘.

Does that claim stand up to scrutiny? Bradley’s own words seem to contradict it:

bb ou

Bradley’s Linkedin page, which has apparently not been updated since he became a councillor, contains a summary of his career up to that point. It shows that for a period of over three years, Bradley was managing an Open University (OU) office – with six staff reporting to him, “responsible for the welfare of up to 2000 students” and for solving problems “in often sensitive or personal situations”:

bb ou.png

If this is true, then Bradley had been taking these… responsibilities for a couple of years or so at the time of his 2011 comments.

Others of Bradley’s contentious comments were made, according to the Evening Standard, in 2012. In 2012, as well as working as the OU office manager, Bradley also took on significant responsibility within his local Conservative party:

bb hucknall.png

Bradley ends his video by appealing for understanding for young people on the grounds that politicians are ‘normal people‘ and ‘normal people cock things up‘, before claiming,

I think that’s the discussion we really need to have, about how we judge people.

Yet when former Labour MP Jared O’Mara was rightly under attack for his offensive comments, Mr Bradley was not heard defending O’Mara for ‘cocking things up’. On the contrary, was vocal in calling for him to be condemned – and mocked the idea that O’Mara had matured since he made his comments:

bb jom.png

We invited Mr Bradley to comment on the apparent mismatch between his claim to have been a ‘student with no real responsibilities‘ and his Linkedin claim to have been managing an office and six people. He at first appeared to ignore our pointer to his Linkedin claims, responding only that:

I was a student at Nottingham Trent University, and graduated in 2013, at which time I went to work in recruitment. I worked for the Conservative Party from late 2013 to 2015, when I went to work for Mark Spencer. You are talking utter bollocks. It doesn’t take much research to clarify, it’s even on Wikipedia!

When we pointed out again that his own Linkedin history didn’t really match his ‘no responsibilities’ claim, he modified his response but still attempted to write off its significance – before ‘taking his ball home’:

That was a part time summer job mate. I also stacked shelves at ALDI in 2011/12, if it helps you get a balance on my responsibility levels! Not that it has any relevance whatsoever.

You’ll note my page also quite clearly says I was a student at Nottingham Trent University until 2013. You really need to get a life. I won’t be replying to you again.

Of course Bradley was a student at Nottingham Trent – his Linkedin page says so.

Or it would, if it hadn’t disappeared immediately after our email exchange:

bb linkedin gone

Fortunately, while Wayback Machine won’t archive Linkedin pages, we uploaded it here as a PDF just in case anything should happen to go wrong with the original: Cllr Ben Bradley | LinkedIn | Watermarked.

As well as being a student, Bradley was also, if his Linkedin claims about his working history are accurate, managing an office there with six staff reporting to him.


Part-time or full-time, Bradley’s OU post was a job he claims to have held for “3 years 3 months” – not for a summer or two – and his description contradicts his claim to have been a “student with no real responsibilities” at the time he made his early, offensive comments.

Of course, if his claims are not true, that raises a different set of serious questions.

Given Mr Bradley’s offensive comments and the apparent contradictions in his attempts to explain them, #copout and #weak may very well apply to Theresa May’s failure to remove him from his new responsibilities as vice-chair of the Tory party for youth.

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  1. His blog said at the time that he was the campaign manager of the Sherwood Tory CP ffs. It’s in the fucking screenshots why can’t people see what this thug has been saying?


  3. So he’s either lying now or he lied on his Linkedin profile. Doesn’t seem to matter much these days, IDS lied about his education and promoted himself to “captain” in the army on his CV and everyone seems to have forgotten it now.

  4. Standard Tory lying turd typical hypocrite beyond any reproach .
    Bottom of the barrel dregs nasty Little Thug still that sums up the calibre of most Tory MPs just some are r better at hiding it than others this idiot obviously isn’t

  5. Surprised he hasn’t called himself Michael Green and claimed he was also a student at the Universita di Perugia – where he was awarded doctorates in hypocrisy, bullshitting and cowardice.

    One ‘orridable, risible shithouse, that. :/

  6. As a result of his own false accusations, Ben Bradley has been exposed as a bare faced and habitual liar.

    There is some justice in the world after all.

  7. oh dear another one we have to doff our cap bow down crikey we back in the 1800s with this lot of greedy ones

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