Exposed over police cuts, Tories smear – but six times May failed to vote for anti-terror laws


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After a disastrous day for Theresa May in which she was hammered by Jeremy Corbyn over police cuts during PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) – and then the Tories voted through further real-terms cuts to police budgets – the Conservatives have been on a desperate (and desperate-looking) smear-offensive to try to limit the damage.

The Tory slurs have centred around Jeremy Corbyn’s voting record on anti-terror laws – blatantly ignoring the fact that Theresa May herself often also voted against them. Here are six occasions when she did so or abstained:

may anti-terror.png

As one Twitter observer pointed out, even the police have denounced Theresa May over police cuts and her claims about them:

Labour MPs also pointed out the obvious:

When terrorists struck in Manchester and London last year, the Tories were hugely criticised for policing and security cuts – cuts they continued to push even after the attacks.

And today they’ve cut even deeper – in spite of the rising crime figures pointed out by Corbyn at PMQs.


The Tories’ moral bankruptcy and economic foolishness mean that when the consequences of their policies are exposed, all they have to fall back on are smear-tactics. So it was today as their ideologically-driven cuts to policing exposed the fallacy of their supposed strength on law, order and security.

But those lies are so threadbare the public is increasingly seeing right through them to the desperation behind.

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  1. Er, I’m pretty sure I remember a lot of Labour people not wanting most/all of that list of legislation up above as well. Did Corbyn vote against these bills?

  2. @LordSin… the point is that May accused JC of voting against anti-terror legislation, with the implication that he was unpatriotic.

    Skwawkbox has shown that she’s voted the same way, making her the most blatantly raving hypocrite in the Tory party, and therefore everywhere else.
    Everywhere else in this neck of the galaxy anyway.

  3. However, we should not lose sight of the fact that the measures on that list were wrong.

    In the case of 90 day detention, for example, that was a political stunt by Tony Blair. Even the security services did not ask for it.

  4. Who gives a flying f about Tory Blair and his right wing policies?
    She’s a liar, no ifs no buts, ffs!
    The Tories are a bunch of HYPOCRITES and out and out LIARS, making life unbearable for us, without the where be all, which they have, in bucket loads!
    I know which side my breads buttered, (lard) back in the old days, or nothing!
    All the offal we could eat, where did the rest of the cow, sheep, pig and dairy produce go?
    To those who had plenty, like the Queen and their entourage of hangers on!
    They dine we starve!
    FOOD BANKS, ROUGH SLEEPING, HOMELESSNESS, when will the ordinary folk in this country get wise, open their eyes to the Rich Toffs, which this Tory Government relies on, to keep them in office and us under their foot?
    They rob us blind on a daily basis, using our taxes to to fund the rich!

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