Exclusive new footage – who IS ‘white-shirted thug’?

The media is awash with news of the ‘altercation’ that took place at a Jacob Rees-Mogg speech last night, but so far – in spite of the only violence being perpetrated by a Rees-Mogg supporter – the BBC News channel and much of the right-wing media are focusing on footage of the MP.

However, footage is circulating on social media of the man in a white shirt who struck a woman twice in the face and the SKWAWKBOX can now add to that evidence new video of the man as he was escorted from the lecture theatre.

It’s not clear by whom he was escorted out, as his escort appears to be unfamiliar with the building – first taking him up the stairs and out of one door and then having to bring him back down to exit via the door at the bottom of the stairs, close to Rees-Mogg as he speaks. If it’s a security guard, they were confused about the way to get out. The man’s lack of argument at being removed may indicate that he knew his escort:

Significantly, the footage also shows a cameraman – possibly from Breitbart, as it had one there on the night – filming the man’s exit:

Cameraman tracking the action as ‘white shirt’ is removed

While footage from broadcast-standard cameras of Rees-Mogg talking to the protesters quickly went into circulation, the footage of the attacker being walked right by the camera does not appear to have been released.

Similarly, while the protester who tries to defend the struck woman was almost immediately identified by right-wing trash and mainstream media, they have shown little interest in pursuing the identity of the attacker.

With the footage from various angles, it must be possible to identify the man who thought it appropriate to strike a female protester in the face. Of the various videos in circulation, these are stills from perhaps the clearest:

whiteshirt duo.png

Do you know him? Get in touch.

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  1. The lady who was struck should make a formal complaint to the police. Then they would have to investigate and get the guy’s details. And then when he is charged and the non-violent, legal protesters not, watch right wingers wet their knickers.

  2. The camera man was from the BBC. I was ayathr event and spoke yo him after.

    1. Would the BBC normally cover a routine Friday night speech to a couple of hundred students?

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