Clearest picture yet of pro-Mogg ‘white-shirt man’ who struck female protester?

The furore over the disruption of a Jacob Rees-Mogg event last night in Bristol – and the ensuing violence against a female protester by a supporter of the Tory MP – continues. Although little mention of the right-wing violence has been made by the ‘MSM’, social media attention on the incident is high.

Right-wing media almost instantaneously identified some of the protesters, but curiously – in spite of the presence of television cameras that were filmed recording the exit of the white-shirted man who had been videoed striking the woman – the attacker’s face has not been broadcast by the Establishment and right-wing media, although the SKWAWKBOX and others have published footage and stills of him.

Current BBC News channel coverage of the incident today appears to be ignoring the attack, referring only to a ‘scuffle’ involving Rees-Mogg and protesters.

Ironically, a photograph by a Rees-Mogg supporter has unwittingly provided what is probably the clearest image of the man so far.

Tory supporter William Bates attended the event and posted a picture of the waiting audience to Facebook to express his excitement. That image includes a white-shirted man, whose position in the audience can be verified by footage of him being removed by what appears to be university security, exclusively published by the SKWAWKBOX.

A section of the image is shown below:


This image is clear enough that anyone who knows the man must be able to identify him.

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  1. Surely someone knows this female bulling thug? Strange the right wing press won’t help out I assumed they are outraged and disapproved of outright thuggery.

  2. Is there a possibility that neither ‘Blonde Girl’, ‘Leather Jacket’ nor ‘White Shirt’ had any connection to the seven masked and hooded ‘Rowdy Protesters’ but were hapless dupes?

    Was this a staged stunt that went completely to plan i.e. to make Rees-Mogg look like the hero who strides up to and physically confronts ‘Rowdy Protestors’ at the back of the hall and physically forces them to leave?

    With the clever bit being, in the event of things getting out of hand and provoking violence amongst the the audience, Rees-Mogg comes out on top?

    Job done, as long as ‘Rowdy Protesters’ can’t be identified, that is, hence the disguises.

    Look closely and you’ll see ‘Leather Jacket’ and ‘Blonde Girl’ made no eye contact with, gave any indication of communicating with or in any other way of being part of the ‘Rowdy Protesters”, who apparently sneaked in late through a back door of the venue, which had sold out in seven minutes and hence there was nowhere to sit, so they had no option but to stand, were all shouting and posturing, all wore clothing to disguise their features but, although loud and abusive, showed no overt signs of becoming physically violent whatsoever.

    1. “……showed no overt signs of becoming physically violent whatsoever.”

      Unlike the Rees-Mogg supporter in the white shirt who pushed his way through the crowd to get stuck-in and start the violence by assaulting a young woman much smaller than himself, very clearly a public order offence.

  3. Do not be surprise to find out that its EDL, BMP, UKIP or NF. these people have been known to put people in the middle just to cause trouble so the left will get blamed

  4. The woman should complain to the police. Plenty of evidence all over the Internet.

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