Hodges wrong again as he gets owned by ‘recognised representative of the Jewish community’

‘Journalist’ Dan Hodges has an unmatched track record in getting it wrong, as author Alex Nunns has hilariously pointed out.

But on Sunday he set a trap for himself that was so beautifully sprung by the person he was attempting to belittle that Nunns himself had to concede he had been outdone in terms of ‘owning’ the hapless Hodges.

Hodges, being his usual unpleasant self, was busy maligning various people when Maxim Lundlack-Orr challenged him – and Hodges ploughed straight in with his usual aplomb:

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, to be precise.

Nunns was gracious in defeat:

nunns mlo

Adding to the hilarity is the fact that Hodges could have quietly answered the question himself, rather than set himself up for a pratfall. Lundlack-Orr’s status as a representative is there for all to read on his Twitter profile.

So rather than blunder on to ask publicly what leadership position Mr Lundlack-Orr holds, he could have made a single click and read this:

mlo bod.png

But he didn’t. The rest is now history. Hilarious, hilarious history.

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  1. All power to Maxim for taking down such an odious character as Hodge. I cannot believe that Hodge is the son of such a good socialist as his mother, Glenda Jackson, former MP.

    1. He must take after his father.No wonder Ms Jackson wanted to keep the father’s identity a secret.

      1. Now that you mention it – he does look a lot like that Mr. Hodges off of Dad’s Army. You know the one I mean – jobsworth ARP warden – inflated idea of his own importance – blundering butt of lots of jokes.
        Yeah, that one.
        Peas in a pod.

    2. “Well, who’d a thought it”, certainly not I.
      I bet his mother Glenda, “cringes”, every time he goes on twitter.
      I would love to think she did a fist pump, high above her head!
      Then muttered “nice one Maxim”.
      Then he went into see mummy and apologise for being a “cretin”!

  2. Excellent takedown! I am glad to see these newspaper columnists being challenged when they behave so outrageously and use anti-semitism as a political football to further their own agendas and cross the boundaries into anti-semitism themselves.

    As has been said before, where were they when Ed Miliband was being abused? In many cases joining in sadly.

    Nice one Maxim!

  3. Hodges – The gift that just keeps giving. 😀

    I’m surprised he till has feet; seeing as he shoots himself in them every time he types anything.

  4. Glenda Jackson’s lad?

    With the amount of unforced own goals you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s ellman’s offspring.

    But he just sells drugs.

  5. this idiot was classed as a political guru in the last G/E and got every thing wrong then and still cant get things rite now whot a PLONKER

    1. This constant retreat to victory does seem like a dubious tactic.

      On that note, if Marc Wadsworth can’t get back in now, then that raises issues.

  6. Toffee,how pathetic does Mr Wadworths expulsion look in the light of this decision?

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