Sunday Times thinks it’s news that we blocked someone

Funny how the ‘MSM’ gives away more than it intends when it attacked the new left media (NLM).

On the same day that the Sunday Times shamed itself with an inaccurate, ill-conceived attack on Momentum, one of its ‘journalists’ wrote an article about being blocked by the SKWAWKBOX.


baxter blocked


The first we knew of the article, since we don’t generally read the Sunday Times beyond the occasional front page, was when someone tagged us in a tweet about it on Sunday evening:

wym baxter.png

That being blocked by this blog is considered news speaks volumes, of course, about who’s really terrified of whom. That a billionaire-owned publication considers this worthy of space in its pages speaks volumes for the impact the NLM is having – and for the increasing bankruptcy of the MSM.

Ms Baxter thinks that she was blocked by the SKWAWKBOX on Twitter because she’s too ‘subversive, corrupting and dangerous’.

Working for Murdoch. And proud of it.

For those who might be curious about this most trivial of events, Ms B wrote a dire article about Jeremy Corbyn’s award from the International Peace Bureau, with an excruciatingly and irrelevantly Christmas-themed title.

She then immediately followed us on Twitter. It was the first time we’d heard of her.

We are shadowed by more or less all the MSM publications, who lazily either attack or copy what we publish.

As we feel no obligation to make it easy for hacks to do so and because her article had been so poor, we block a few of the worse ones. There are still ways to see the traffic of an account that has blocked you, of course – they’re not even difficult – so only the ignorant could think it’s about not ‘permitting’ someone to see what we put out.

But if Ms Baxter wants to see what we publish or tweet, she can work a little for it.

What used to be the newspaper of record – but is now a sister-publication of the S*n – is now publishing articles containing imaginary reasons for its writers to pat themselves on the back for being blocked by an independent publication that runs on no resources except the goodwill of its supporters and the strength of actually standing for something.

And that, we think, speaks volumes about why the MSM are so worried – or ‘terrified’, to borrow Ms Baxter’s hyperbole – by the NLM.

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  1. Two quick points.

    First point: Sarah who?

    Second point: Sarah is a “journalist” who has no chance whatsoever of having access to the next Labour Government.

    Skwawkbox is a journalist who will have access to the highest levels of the next Labour Government.

    Who is more credible?

  2. Like the spottiest kid in school pointing out your shaving nick to everyone.
    Reeks of desperation though, innit? 🙂

  3. Keep blocking the Tory slags who masquerade as freedom loving journalists! As far as I’m concerned (old commie bastard that I am) blocking is far too good for them!

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