Sunday Times contacted Momentum just 30 mins before printing ‘purge’ dross

This morning, the Sunday Times printed an appallingly poor article accusing Momentum of planned and current ‘putsches’ against right-wing Labour candidates. The article was nonsense – stating for example that Angela Eagle was on the deselection list for running against Corbyn. She did not run – Owen Smith did.

The article also used nazi-like language and symbology – and used someone with a history of anti-Islam comments as a source for its smears.

stimes 30mins.png

But according to Momentum, the Murdoch publication contacted it for comment only thirty minutes before going to print – in other words, with no time for a right of reply, as there would have been little or no time to include comments in the article composition before the presses rolled.

Late last year, we contacted a right-wing Labour MP with a question asking for a response within ninety minutes if possible. We didn’t publish an article after the ninety minutes – the MP chose to publish the enquiry rather than respond to it, couched in accusations of bullying for sending an email.

The SKWAWKBOX was criticised in response by centrists who claimed that ninety minutes was an unreasonable response time – yet centrists appear to have been silent about the Sunday Times giving Momentum just thirty.

Just saying.

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  1. Before publishing its next hit piece against the Labour Party, the Times editor and journalists should consider whether they want access to the next Labour Government

    The Labour manifesto contains a four term programme.

    That’s a long time for a newspaper like the Times to be left out in the cold.

  2. “… Angela Eagle was on the deselection list for running against Corbyn. She did not run – Owen Smith did.”

    Corbyn has since appointed Owen to the Shadow Northern Ireland post*. If that doesn’t sum up the left’s ruthlessness, I don’t know what does.

    * Good on Owen for taking a cabinet post, btw.

    1. Eagle put herself up but withdrew after Smith went full mental and decided to run against her.

      They are both traitors in my book and I wouldn’t waste my pity on either of them if deselection comes calling.

    2. The reason the so-called ‘moderates’ gave for instigating a leadership challenge was a Big Lie that Hitler himself would have been proud of.

      Just as the claim homophobic comments were made at a Wallasey CLP meeting at the time was also, as was the lie Eagle and her chums gave for the meeting in Luton being cancelled. As for the brick through the window……how very fortutitous and convenient for the ‘moderates’.


      It wasn’t all planned in advance of course – ie Eagle, homophobic comments, brick through window etc, etc! Perish the thought.

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