SKWAWKBOX update – a strong start to 2018

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The SKWAWKBOX’s 2017 round-up listed some of the significant impacts this blog had on the political narrative and landscape last year.

The blog has made a strong start to 2018, bringing a number of items to its readers either exclusively or when the mainstream media were largely ignoring it. The SKWAWKBOX: 

  • broke news of Jeremy Corbyn’s impending Shadow Cabinet reshuffle when no other outlet saw it coming
  • revealed the shocking tripling of deaths among people detained under the Mental Health Act under the Tories
  • revealed the Surrey NHS trust that had two hundred people simultaneously waiting for an ambulance under the weight of the Tory-inflicted winter crisis
  • exposed the full weakness of the attempt to overturn the re-election of strong Corbyn supporter Len McCluskey as General Secretary of Unite
  • brought its readers the truth about right-wing smears against new Disputes Panel Chair Christine Shawcroft
  • revealed a donation of £5,000 received by deputy Labour leader Tom Watson but not declared
  • highlighted a Tory Cabinet Minister trying to claim credit for Labour’s achievements
  • revealed right-wing panic over the left’s clean sweep in the NEC elections
  • exposed a Tory minister’s false attempt to deflect the government’s responsibility for the Carillion debacle onto the EU
  • exposed a ‘centrist’ MP’s crass trans ‘joke’ emailed to colleagues
  • laid bare the government’s lie that the NHS winter crisis is a routine annual event
  • revealed the email sent by a new centrist group, giving away a potential serious data protection breach by another right-wing faction

And of course, there have been the usual attacks by the Labour and media right – the SKWAWKBOX seems to have become one of the principal bogeymen of the Establishment and long may it continue.

We depend on our readers’ support to continue to pursue the news you usually won’t find elsewhere. If you’re able to support the blog without hardship and would like to do so, please click here to make a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal.


  1. Excellent work, thanks. I’ve made a monthly donation, sorry it’s not more but am on a pension. With Corbyn, the first real chance of a proper socially responsible government in (my) living memory.

  2. I truly appreciate all the hard work you put in, to get reliable & truthful news to us. Long may you continue to be a thorn in the side of the Tories, Red Tories & the Right Wing Media.

  3. I’m sure, in the left wing of our party, that we have yourself, telling us, on a daily basis, what’s going on!
    inside of all those lying, insidious right wing of all the parties, that try and fail, to put you down!
    Keep up your good work Steve.
    I look forward to your blog everyday!

  4. Yours is an essential blog, and it must consume your every waking moment, but I fear you’ve made a rod for your own back. What happens if you want to take a holiday? Or even a weekend break?

    I’m hoping you’re a workaholic and don’t mind!

    Best wishes and good luck for 2018. Here’s to a Labour govt before the year’s out!

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