Not a single new black or ethnic face in May’s Cabinet – and hardly any women

Theresa May’s reshuffle today was largely a coin-toss between non-event and comedy – or perhaps tragic-comedy, given Jeremy Hunt’s alleged tears and May’s capitulation to him and other ministers who refused to be moved.

However, there was at least one – ironically – darker aspect to today’s nonsense:

The whiteness of Theresa May’s cabinet.

May’s ‘new’ cabinet contains not a single new black, asian or ethnic member – leaving Sajid Javid as the only non-white face around May’s cabinet table.

Men also massively predominate, with a number of women MPs so far named that can be counted on one hand, apart from May herself – although two of four non-cabinet ministers who have a right to attend cabinet meetings are female.


Pale – definitely. Male – yes. Stale – after today’s Titanic deckchair-shuffle, without question.

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  1. Remember how Labour was attacked relentlessly because Corbyn’s first cabinet didn’t have enough women in it (because the right wingers wouldn’t join). You watch – not a peep from the media and the BBC!

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