May’s McVey appointment is a huge f-you to disabled people

mcvey f.png

Monday’s ‘reshuffle’ of Theresa May’s cabinet was largely a non-event, with none of the ‘big beasts’ moved and Jeremy Hunt keeping his job by – allegedly – crying about it.

However, it contained two darker notes. May’s failure to promote a single black, Asian or ethnic minority person to her cabinet – and only a handful of women in its new composition – which left it extremely ‘male, pale and stale’, was one.

The other was the appointment of the odious Esther McVey to the position of DWP Secretary.

This is not McVey’s first time in the Department for Work and Pensions. She previously served as disabilities minister under the equally terrible Iain (Duncan) Smith – and worked with him on a PIP (Personal Independence Payment) switch that was specifically pre-designed to remove at least 500,000 people from the vital benefit.

McVey was also at the heart of the government’s change to mobility requirements that reduced the disqualifying distance a disabled person could walk to 20 metres, which caused tens of thousands to lose vital ‘motability’ allowances, with many becoming virtually or fully housebound.

Her come-uppance for her attack on the wellbeing of disabled people was the loss of her Wirral West seat in 2015 to Labour’s Margaret Greenwood – but she was handed a safe Cheshire seat in last year’s General Election to get her back into Parliament.

And now she is running the department where she caused so much hardship and anxiety for disabled people.


Theresa May could not send a bigger ‘f*** you’ to disabled and disadvantaged people if she had it painted in huge letters along the sides of the Houses of Parliament.

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  1. The poisonous dwarf is back again. A total fuck you. So disgusting. And I’ll have to listen to that squeaky voice again FFS.

  2. No doubt we can all look forward to hearing much more of her dulcet tones.
    Just the thought of it is enough to make your blood run cold

  3. The woman who,claimed Foodbank use was a,good sign of the community working together…

    Cruel, mendacious,sadistic and without her looks and Daddy’s demolition money wouldn’t have reached such a position in the Tory party.

    K fully expect her and that sociopath Hunt mow with the Social Care portfolio will be planning some very, very sadistic cuts to those in need.

    Love to see an Unseat campaign in her constiuency of Tatton, if Martin Bell could do it in 1997, Labour can pull if off in 2022.

  4. Hey Skwarkbox,

    The DWP are an organisation that sold out to the Devil long ago. The DWP only employ yes-men and puppets at senior grades so as to ensure compliance with the greedy fecking establishment. It is little surprise to me that they give Esther the job: debased degenerate backward thinking and ‘honed’ beneath IDS – she is morally and ethically destitute and should fit right in to the ego-centric conniving, cheating, lying, self-serving elitist driven DWP seamlessly. No doubt she’ll enjoy the attention of being one of only a handful of hens in the Tory cock-house: sorry, I meant ‘cook-house’ of course, or is it ‘out-house’, or ‘hen house’, perhaps ‘dog-house’ or just ‘hunt-house’?

    Perhaps before McVey does any real damage on behalf of Theresa May and continues to put Social Security claimants to the sword, both metaphysically and physically, there will be a revolution in the UK and her and her ilk will also be put to the metaphysical sword. Politicians must remember that they should expect to receive back from the UK electorate all the shit they have dispensed upon them during their evil reign. Time will tell: but should social revolution happen, I imagine all of the Tory ‘beasts’ won’t just be crying about being destitute, but urinating themselves with fear. Do they expect the People will not bite back?

    Keep up the good fight Skwarkbox. The UK is crying out with anger and pain for Social Revolution. Just how much more will the UK electorate take before the worm truly turns?



  5. And not just the disabled. The “Waspi” women, fighting against the injustice of the ridiculously cruel hike in their pension age, with no contingency arrangements ever having been put into place, are not too happy about it either!

  6. Yes the Tories are populated by Right Wing Neo-Liberal Morons. If there was any justice in the World then they would lose all their wealth and privilege and then have to live the lives that they cruelly impose on others! Tory Neo-Liberal Barbarians! Funny the upper class welfare state booms: tax cuts for millionaires, hedge funds, big business corporations (£93b a year = £3,500 per household), private landlords with multiple properties, tax avoidance (£120b a year), and the rich stash $10tr a year globally in illicit offshore banks TO AVOID GIVING TO SOCIETY! So the rich and the powerful are the real scroungers! We have to get out there and support plus help organise oppressed working people then peacefully and democratically “Rise up against the organisation of misery!” (Pablo Neruda). Solidarity!

  7. Criminal
    This act alone should prompt the labour party into calling a vote of no confidence in this government – oh, wait, labour hasn’t even noticed!!

  8. She looks like she is about to say (F. You) because that all this government can say to the British people.😇📷

  9. Wiki states:

    In the 2015 general election McVey was defeated by the Labour candidate Margaret Greenwood who gained the Wirral West seat by 417 votes.[20][21]

    After losing her seat, McVey took up the post of chair of the British Transport Police Authority from November 2015, on a four-year contract with a three months’ notice requirement. However, 10 days after it was announced that a 2017 general election would take place, McVey resigned the post having been paid between £86,000 and £89,000 in 15 months. Between the elections she also had part-time jobs as a special adviser to two investment firms and a fellowship at the University of Hull.[22]

    Second term (2017–present)
    In April 2017, McVey was selected to succeed George Osborne as the Conservative candidate for the June 2017 general election in his safe seat of Tatton.[23] She was elected, with around the same vote share as Osborne gained in 2015 (58.6%), but with a decreased majority. In a reshuffle prompted by Michael Fallon’s resignation as Secretary of State for Defence in the wake of sexual assault allegations, and in which former Chief Whip Gavin Williamson replaced Fallon and his deputy Julian Smith replaced Williamson; McVey was appointed Deputy Chief Government Whip.

    On 8 January 2018, McVey was appointed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

  10. And which safe Cheshire seat was she handed to get her back into Parliament?

    Why, George Osbourne’s former seat, Tatton, of course! An all-round perfect fit, then: Tatton, killing cripples and Esther McVey!

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