BBC bans equal pay supporters from presenting segments on equal pay

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The BBC has laid bare its readiness to submit to biased interests with its decision to prevent presenters who have voiced support for equal pay or for (now ex-)China editor Carrie Gracie, who resigned today over the issue, from hosting discussions or conducting interviews on the topic.

Today Radio 4 host Jane Garvey was replaced by a non-BBC presenter for an interview Gracie and the BBC sent an urgent reminder to staff that they could not participate if they had ‘expressed a view’.

As most female presenters had expressed solidarity with Carrie Gracie, this meant that the issue was basically discussed today by men.

If the BBC is ready to exploit its own ‘impartiality’ rules to circumvent impartiality, then it is no leap at all to believe the accusations of political bias, however much the Establishment might deride the fact.

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  1. Gracie has not resigned from the bbc rather resigned from a particular post (which she’s held for 6 months) – she remains in her other bbc job though rather contradicting the point of her resignation – crazy

  2. I absolutely abhor the fact that we, as a society, still put up with people do not get paid equally, regardless of their gender, their ethnicity and so on but when it comes to senior posts in any organisation where such inequality continues my sympathy is a little less than that which I unreservedly apply (along with over forty years on the Left – i.e. I’m a Commie of one sort or another) to all the female shop floor workers that I have worked with where they’re not only on low pay, they’re on even lower pay per se’! If it were, that the likes of all the middle class female management types were actually, as many of them claim, striking a blow for all working women, then I might be able to be a little less cynical! Mainly because, over the years some massive payouts from industrial tribunals and attendant publicity have been received by such women but little has come of it for those working class women who struggle from day to day, to make ends meet! And let’s face it Gracie still works for good old ‘Auntie in another position so, therefore continues to align herself, whether she intends to or not, with the Public broadcasting company which is very ready to give succour to this Tory Government and the other rich shits who suck the blood from our lives!

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