Three NHS patients died waiting this week in the Tory NHS crisis

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The mainstream news has covered the case of the 81-year-old Essex pensioner who died after waiting almost four hours for an ambulance.

Far less national attention has been drawn to the fact that at least three patients died this week while waiting for an ambulance or for treatment in a bitter toll of the under-resourcing of the NHS by the Tory government. Others who died include:

  • a Portsmouth woman died after seven-hour wait for a hospital bed – five hours in an ambulance outside Accident & Emergency (A&E)
  • a Lancashire man died of a heart attack after waiting ninety minutes

A Dudley man also died just before Christmas in a waiting room as he waited for treatment.


How high does the death toll have to climb? Tens of thousands will be waiting in pain, discomfort and fear after the Tories cancelled scheduled treatments for the whole month of January – how much more misery has to be inflicted on to patients waiting huge lengths of time for ambulances or urgent treatment before Jeremy Hunt takes responsibility for his abject failure toward the UK’s people and resigns?

This catastrophe was avoidable. Hunt had a year to plan for this winter – a winter in which demand has been lower than last year – only to stumble into an even worse collapse that is already costing lives.

The resignation of a shameless Health Secretary would not be sufficient anyway. Governments should fall.

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  1. The Tories in reality believe that this kind of pressure will drive us all into the arms of the private sector to jump the queues, what they forgot though is peoples wages are so low that is no longer a possibility even if they wanted to.

    Like Trump Theresa is a little bit dim.

  2. I have a routine examination scheduled for mid Jan and am wondering whether to postpone it in favour of someone who might need it more. But then you dont know when next it can be rescheduled for and possibly its more serious than I thought…??

  3. Hunt’s best hope is that Auntie promotes him out of the firing line and into Green’s semen-stained chair.
    May will try to spin it that a replacement health secretary resets the clock and that we can’t reasonably expect to feel the benefit of the new medicine in less than, say, a year or two.
    Meanwhile they sell the family silver.

    1. He FOLLOWED a plan (the boy’s not exactly a thinker) – out of Hayek’s arse, into Redwood and Letwin’s mouths and, er, downhill from there.

      Neo-liberalism doesn’t recognise the laws of logic but at least it obeys the law of gravity – thus proving conclusively that shit, unlike wealth, does in fact trickle down.

  4. When, he, Hunt, is called upon to go to the SUPREME COURTS OF JUSTICE to answer why he’s driven our NHS into the ground he can then say “SHE MADE ME DO IT”!

  5. Well, the Tory bastards are continuing to kill us by ‘hook’ or by ‘crook’! By crooks mostly, but that’s their forte’! What’s ours? Is it to wait until an election is called by those who are killing us so that we can vote in Labour! So, we change one Party for another whilst knowing that despite Comrade Corbyn’s good manners and good intentions (hell and paved with, come to mind here) Labour is riven from top to bottom with too many of the same careestist, over ambitious, conservative (some with a big ‘C’) smug, self aggrandizing arses who will do all they can to block, hinder and otherwise ‘kibosh’ anything remotely Socialist which may be offered as a solution (in my view the only solution) by Labour in it’s honeymoon period with those who elected them! Well, none of this is good enough for, let’s face it, without radical change of the way Parliament is controlled and run by those who continue to rule us, along with their media allies and others, we will get the ‘same old’ ‘same old’! Our Parliament will be opened by the most senior individual of the Royal, we put our money (sorry, your wealth and money that you give us) in overseas banks, family, a load of Lords and Ladies will prance around in silk and ermine, continuing to live off the fat of the land that is earned through our labour while a load of the people we voted for will wear suits and ties which are more expensive than any meal I’ve ever had, bowing and scraping to all and sundry, giving oaths to maintain the status quo (bombing foreign countries, making sure those nasty trades unions don’t ever come back and so on and so forth! Well, it is not what I’m voting for so, the more people stand up and make this very, very clear by any means possible, the more there is a likelihood that we may get listened to! If not we need to consider what our options are and arm ourselves (metaphorically speaking of course) so that we can end this, once and for all, democratically, of course!

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