Under-resourced NHS cancelling all non-urgent surgeries/outpatients

NHS England has announced that it is cancelling all non-urgent surgeries and all outpatients’ appointments for the whole month of January as services are unable to cope. Non-urgent operations had already been cancelled before the turn of the year for part of December, so English NHS patients face around a month and a half with no access to surgery.

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The BBC’s health editor Hugh Pym said that the cancellations will result in an 18-month backlog of operations for the NHS to catch up. This means that a similar decision next winter would prevent the NHS catching up for the foreseeable future, in order to mask the extent of the increasing winter crisis.

A&E departments have seen increasing waits even though demand has declined compared to last year.

A properly-resourced NHS would not face this situation, yet the Tories have continued to boast about their handling of the NHS.

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  1. Well done Mrs May ( private Health Cover of course). And to think that she is apparently about to promote that pillock Hunt. As usual – often in NHS actually- the bigger waste of space you are – the higher you climb.

  2. Of course that fool, Grayling ( currently on a farewell jolly around middle east) can give £2billion to Richard Branson’s failing railway. He may of taken some out to rebuild Neckar Island – poor bloke. Put that on top of the money he was suing NHS for = who needs to work eh!

  3. So depressing. What these Tory bean counters don’t realise is someone with say a hernia could be working and 18 months+ later instead of being keyhole surgery it’ll be MAJOR surgery and involve a lot of sick leave before & after the operation.

    It’s crazy they’re saving a penny to spend a Pound

  4. Cancelling non-urgent ops to focus on winter potential pressure?
    Read cancelling due to Tory NHS cuts!
    Just Tory Goebels Propaganda!
    Is a pathetic book on crumbs for working people Clement Atlee doing the rounds (Right Wing John Bew) lauding Atlee in 1945 but although the NHS was a great achievement (and we all pay for it) it is a nice subsidy for the rich and it provides the bosses with healthy workers for free.
    Nationalisation (to make things more efficient for capital) with the same bosses in control and often harsher conditions for workers and with no say for workers and a token say for the community.
    Then foreign policy fit only for Imperial Barbarians.
    According to a brilliant review in the latest New Left Review (Nov/Dec issue) even Churchill thought Labour were “stupid” in power offering full compensation to former owners and being no threat to the rich and powerful.
    So with JC – democratise the NHS and kick the private sector out, have democratic public ownership including banks with staff electing qualified boards and communities having a say.
    Tax the rich and corporations and close tax loopholes, end tax avoidance and close offshore banks plus have a 1% financial transaction tax (and fight for this globally), a global living wage by country and windfall taxes to power the economy out of recession with state-led public investment (which will also feed the private sector supply chain).
    Plus decentralise Govt to counties with elected Mayors by county and regional policy which puts green energy industry production (like solar panel roofs, wind turbines etc. in areas decimated by industrial decline (as capital sought cheaper labour in less developed countries for higher profits).
    And re poor air quality have occasional days of free public transport in towns and cities (like in Paris).
    Hopefully with Jeremy Corbyn we can transform the UK in the face of a Tory Party captured by Neo- Liberalism.
    I have always argued the greatest achievement of Neo-Liberalism was to stop the Left from dreaming – in 2018 it’s time to start dreaming again! Solidarity!

  5. Didn’t Hunt give operations too the private sector?
    How much is it going to cost for them to twiddle their thumbs, it was said £1 billion last year for standing down time.

  6. The most important factor is to recognise that this is all deliberate, they could do things differently but for obvious reasons of dismantling the state and giving monopoly control of everything to the private sector.

    That is the Tory agenda, the sooner we get them out the sooner we can rebuild our country, they are holding this country back so that a few people can get obscenely rich.

    This video should be seen by every person in this country and explains why we can afford all our public services, that Neo-Liberal politicians of all colours are lying to us when they say the country is broke, we are like a household we must all earn money before the country can spend.

    Our government is the creator of all the money in the economy, it doesn’t have to borrow a penny from anyone or anywhere in order to spend in its own economy.

    Please look at the video, it is very short but explains simply by some of the worlds experts on finance how we are being lied to Neo-Liberal politicians that work for our corrupt financial sector and not the people.

    We have the same fiat money system, as the USA, Japan, Canada and Australia, Incidentally all central banks create money out of thin air, note what Mario Draghi says, and how they treated Greece, but continue to bail out the German Banks with Quantitative Easing.

    Mario Draghi OMRI is an Italian economist who has served as President of the European Central Bank since 2011. He previously served as Chairman of the Financial Stability Board from 2009 to 2011 and Governor of the Bank of Italy from 2005 to 2011

    The short video led by Professor Bill Mitchell.

  7. This was the plan all along? Profitable sections of the NHS being made ripe for cherry picking by the likes of Virgin Care, etc and the public will acquiesce quietly as this is surely the only option available! This Tory government will destroy our NHS if allowed to continue unchecked
    without public consultation and parliamentary scrutiny. We are being manoevered into an American healthcare model based on insurance and Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England is fully committed to this and his experience comes from time spent working for United Health of America woi can no longer satisfy their greed in the USA so are moving outwards to the NHS and the rest of the world!

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