Can a person who sends these tweets be a fit university regulator?

As the SKWAWKBOX published earlier today, Tory-supporting Toby Young has been appointed by the government to the board of the new universities regulator, to the outrage and dismay of the universities union and others.

The government ignored an application for the role from at least one highly-qualifed, Asian candidate to appoint Young in what appears a blatantly political appointment.

But that’s not all that the Tories appear to have ignored.

Young has insulted working class students, called disabled and special needs children ‘troglodytes‘ and disrespected teachers – but he has also posted tweets that descend into crass vulgarity and offensiveness toward women or are simply vilely insulting:

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cw padmaty cw

Young has also displayed remarkable insensitivity to the LGBT community:

ty lesb.png

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, Dawn Butler, is among the many who have questioned Young’s suitability for a public role:


dbb ty.png

Whether May and Leadsom will bother responding to her request remains to be seen. But the Tories’ vehement reaction when a Labour MP was suspended for similar behaviour adds a large dose of hypocrisy to the mix that they should be expected to answer for:

Yet the Tories appear keen to defend Young and present the criticism as some kind of ‘warped priority’:

boles ty.png

Toby Young was contacted for comment but had not responded by the time of publication.

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  1. A very appropriate appointment to a serious position by a fool of a woman who will sink to any depth to appear see the bassist members of her party.
    How much further will we sink as a nation?

  2. what to expect of a tory government, they still carry on with fitness to work medicals carried out by qualified staff that would actually be better of employed elsewhere before there struck of, what do we really need accountability for decisions, very hard for them to accept that and look at what gets gongs, still at least it was not a hairdresser this year

  3. Never mind appointment to Universities Regulator, with a record like that this guy is surely not fit for appointment to any public office at all!

  4. Answer to the question is a loud resounding NO!!!!!!!
    The man is an utter disgrace, they need to reverse his appointment forthwith. Is that guy even human??????

  5. Young has been a regular on daily, Sunday politics as a Tory mouth piece. Shouldn’t they be accountable, for there so called experts.

    1. Wasn’t the BBC attacking Labour about screening MPs.
      SB couldn’t you ask BBC why they had this Tory mouth piece on, without vetting?

      1. They’d give some non-answer or claim they don’t discuss editorial decisions

    1. ‘Tobes’ (ffs) couodn’t even regulate his bowel movements; nevermind a university.

  6. He’s not fit to be seated alongside decent people. What the hell is Theresa May thinking of.

  7. Is this more diversionary tactics, put forward the worst possible form of humanity into office, people rant over him for as long as is necessary to bury bad news, or to dismantle something of important social use without the public knowing, or even hiding another scandal.

    This government is playing for time, what I really mean is these charlatans are playing games, they have long since lost all credibility as a government.

    The longer they stay in office the more damage they will do.

  8. He’ll: ‘insult the wrong person’ someday, and reap the consequences.

    …I can’t wait. 😀

  9. His Wiki page hints at a bully-blighted childhood leading to resentment and hatred of teachers, parents and peer group. In a US school he’d have been voted “most likely school shooter.”
    As sorry as I might feel for whatever turned the child into the haemorrhoid on the anus of humanity we see today – I still wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.
    Any other circumstance, happy to donate.

  10. 1.What actual power does this regulator have ?
    2.What power can this individual exert over that regulatory board . 3/Establish this , then dutifully inform the Students Union at all UNi’s . light blue touch paper and retire to safe distance.

    Toby Young last seen in vertical flight with rocket up HIS ARSE never mind where he puts his dick !
    Disgusting little Tory Turd
    The main thrust is once again that Tories are not to be trusted with anything other than enhancing their lickspittles and mates

  11. He’s on TV to often!
    Made his money out of private schools payed for by the TAX PAYER!
    He’s delusional, if he thinks, he can carry off looking like a proper woman!
    He’s not fit to hold any office!
    The problem is, May loves to surround herself with weirdo’s!
    With the last two males dismissed for their LIES “sexual behaviour”?
    He won’t last long!
    Before those he’s crossed will come out, to put another nail in the Tory COFFIN!

  12. So after the marketisation of HE, tuition fee increases, the rise of HE managerialism, a significant number of what some would suggest are unelected gravy train VCs treating universities as their personal kingdoms – why not appoint a moron?
    When it comes to HE the Tories know the price of everything and the value of nothing!
    Perhaps Labour needs to introduce democratic reforms in universities as well as abolishing tuition fees.
    Could: Elect Senates (which run universities and appoint VCs) elected by ALL staff including ancilliary workers; have Senates draw up shortlists of 6 candidates for VC (at least 50% of whom should be female) and BME candidates, disabled, LGBT encouraged to apply AND ALL STAFF OMOV THEN ELECT THE VC; all senior committees to be 50:50 male/ female; universities to be living wage employers; universities and students to offer free classes in communities for all; all VCs to start on £100k and then pay linked to LA scales.
    We perhaps need universities that belong to the community and where we build a society (and World) of critical thinkers! Solidarity!

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