Fresh attacks on SKWAWKBOX on New Year’s Day – what they’re not telling you

So, the new year started with the Establishment redoubling its attacks on the SKWAWKBOX in the form of a reporter with the Mail tweeting his ‘pride’ that his article about this blog and its editor had been supported by the press’ ‘regulator’ IPSO.

That ‘news’ had been all over the press in early November, so it’s curious that the author of the article considered it worth a mention now.

Normally we’d just ignore such nonsense, but in case anyone’s unaware of the wider picture, we’re putting this on the record for future reference.


IPSO is funded by the very press it ‘regulates’. According to Hacked Off it exists to create the “illusion of reform” and until recently it was chaired by the editor of the same right-wing company that published the article.

hacked off.png

Attempts to use the IPSO verdict to attack this blog ignore the fact that even IPSO had to note that the Daily Mail had already offered to correct the two main points in its article:


The writer of the article is ‘proud’ that IPSO considered his article ‘fair and accurate’. According to IPSO, his employers had offered to publish corrections to the article even before the IPSO decision.

The S*n, which had echoed the Mail’s claims, also published a correction:

sun retract1

IPSO’s record

IPSO also rejected a complaint against the S*n for language about Muslims that the nazis had used about Jewish people:

rusb kavan

IPSO decided that the S*n’s use of the chilling phrase “the Muslim problem” was not hate-speech because ‘no specific individual was targeted’ – which is pretty much the definition of hate speech.

Muslim and Jewish groups alike condemned the decision.

The S*n writer in question happens to be a board member of IPSO.

The verdict

Old news, regurgitated and misapplied – on the first day of the new year and the day after a number of MPs, union leaders and activists endorsed the SKWAWKBOX.

Whatever the motives behind this particular regurgitation of the old ‘news’ about IPSO and the SKWAWKBOX, it’s clear that the Establishment has its sights on the ‘new left media’ that draw attention to its nonsense and propaganda, with even (then) Cabinet ministers attempting to smear them.

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  1. They’re rattled and as we know the best form of defence is attack. It’s happening on FB as well. Keep up the good work against this corrupt media circus

  2. It must be a trend,nothing happening at the moment so someone had the idea of using old news and revamping as a new story. Getting the last dregs out of the barrel.’Activate’ are using an old story from 2016 about Stella Creasy to infer ‘nothing has ‘changed’ in the Party and Momentum are rabble . Rather tedious and ineffective.Surly MP’s who give fodder for Tory anti labour attacks should be disciplined,if not by the party then their CLP

  3. Oh dear, oh dear, what a way for the MSM to start off their New Year! I’m with all the other comments so far! In fact, I would consider the Labour Party a genuine Socialist Party, rather than a Party with some Socialists as members, if they came out with a specific policy laying out a programme for the democratisation of the MSM! It would include opening up these institutions to workers control and they could start with the BBC! Get rid of the elite who control it and actively look for as many radical people to take up positions with in the organisation with a mandate from the people! My first imposition, if you like, would be the the banning of suits and ties and the female equivalents (if there are any) and encouragement for those in the BBC who don’t want to wear the fucking red poppy! I know there’s more important things but I just thought I’d say this! Watching the various BBC clones wandering about my TV screen mouthing shite, especially when it comes to the national and Regional News! Apologies for all that but the MSM and all those who own them and too many of those who work for them get on my tits and have done for the past 40 years or more! Swawkbox and all the other Leftist Social media are a breath of fresh air! Keep doing the business Comrades!

  4. These rags love to shout from the rooftops through their megaphones, their commitment to free speech, but they really don’t like a genuine debate, do they?

  5. A propos FB: this tax evader is defending Daily Mail as their own life. Yesterday I was blocked for 30 days for SHARING probably a fake photo of Hitler reading the rag that was already on FB.
    Of course we all know it could happened, as Lord Rothermere was a personal friend of Hitler and Mussolini and could ask his mustashed pal to pose for a photo with the Daily Mail and Rothmere’s article “Hurrah for the Black Shirts”. The profile of the toilet paper didn’t change during the decades as well as the Nazi genes of its owners.

  6. As long as we believe and tell the truth, there is no room for these Right Wing Fascist Rags, that print their lies on a daily basis!
    Regurgitating old news, because they don’t have anything truthful to tell the Country!
    Hoping beyond hope their lies will stick!

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