MPs, activists and union leaders talk about the SKWAWKBOX

Early this morning, the SKWAWKBOX published a review of its impact in 2017, outlining some of the difference this blog has made in 2017 with the help of its readers, supporters and contributors.

A number of MPs, activists and a leading union figure have kindly commented on our contribution to the Labour movement and society over the past twelve months and consented for their comments to be shared.

lewis small.png
Labour MP Clive Lewis


I know SKWAWKBOX isn’t  everyone’s cup of tea but then journalism shouldn’t be about making everyone happy. Journalism is about challenging power and holding it to account; it’s about poking complacency in the eye and shining a light on vested interests.

By that standard SKWAWKBOX’s journalism has come on leaps and bounds this past year. As such it’s become a go-to source of thousands of us inspired by the resurgence of the left in main stream politics and hungry for radical change. Here’s to 2018 being a vintage year for SKWAWKBOX.

Clive Lewis MP, Norwich South

Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson

2017 saw a seismic shift in the political landscape and Labour now stands on the cusp of an historic victory that will herald a new direction not seen since 1945 and Skwawkbox has been there every step of the way.

Skwawkbox has been an essential compendium for anyone interested in the Labour Party’s policy direction. It has regularly broken news about Labour’s internal machinations as the party transitions from more than two decades of the discredited New Labour era to the progressive socialist future yearned for by hundreds of thousands of members and millions of supporters.

Skwawkbox champions the democratic rights of grassroots party members and will play an increasingly important role in 2018 as the public are increasingly inspired by the policy agenda articulated by Jeremy Corbyn.

Chris Williamson MP, Derby North

beckett tuc

The Skwawkbox has repeatedly demonstrated that it is a true friend of the trade union movement.

In ensuring that those in, and outside of, the Trade Union and Labour movement know the true realities of why workers find themselves in struggle, Skwawkbox has become a vital voice to counter main stream media’s constant obsession with portraying Trade Unions, and their members, as the enemy within.

In the Birmingham Bins dispute Skwawkbox’s role in winning over public opinion should be congratulated by all.

Howard Beckett, Unite Deputy General Secretary

sg prof
Leading Labour activist ‘ScouseGirl

It’s noticeable that some journalists and politicians have been preoccupied with trying to denounce and smear Skwawkbox. Yet its popularity speaks for itself. Overlooked and taken for granted for many years by a RW media, literally millions of people are simply seizing the opportunity to broaden their primary sources of news & information to include the likes of Skwawkbox & The Canary. Skwawkbox has produced some great work in 2017, long may it continue.

Sarah, @ScouseGirlMedia

Author and Labour activist Alex Nunns

Skwawkbox keeps me informed about developments within Labour that just aren’t covered by other outlets – the nitty gritty struggles that cumulatively decide the political balance of the party.

But in 2017 it also played a key role in the downfall of Paul Nuttall in Stoke, a pivotal moment in Corbyn’s leadership because losing Stoke would have been catastrophic. Nuttall became a joke, a totally discredited candidate, but that didn’t happen by accident.

I didn’t realise at the time that several of the stories exposing him as a fantasist were uncovered by the Skwawkbox.

Alex Nunns, author of The Candidate

Thanks to those who kindly contributed – and to all our readers and supporters who’ve made the events of the last year possible.

Of course, there are others in Parliament and elsewhere who would give you a different opinion. Centrist MPs including Ian Austin, Stella Creasy and Jess Phillips would give you a very different verdict.

That’s fine – as Oscar Wilde said, you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies and that certainly applies to blogs too.

The SKWAWKBOX needs your support. This blog is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you can afford to, please click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your solidarity so this blog can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.

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  1. Can’t please everyone that’s an impossibility right now but giving the oppressed in society a voice which you do very well is just as important as it it holds the balance of power more equal.

    There are always two sides to every story to, the skewed one MSM give that fits with there own agenda and the NLM one that opens up those stories with more truth as we have seen so many times on this blog, if the MSM shout fake news you can be sure there is some truth in it I have found.

    I for one cannot wait until the time comes which it will when the MSM are held to account.

  2. I value Skwawkbox for many things but most of all it’s ongoing committment to exposing unethical and underhand practices intended to sabotage the democratic process and justice within the LP. Skwawkbox has been invaluable in understanding ‘the nitty gritty struggles that cumulatively decide the political balance of the party’….. and even more, that those struggles are not isolated events but are happening in CLPs up and down the country. Brilliant and thank you for all the hard work.

  3. Skwawkbox is the only media outlet I financially support.

    It is worth every penny, in fact following the excellent journalism the blog has consistently provided this year I will be significantly increasing my contributions in 2018.

    1. It’s always in speech marks. Calling them wreckers etc would undermine the weight of the articles, happy enough to use it so people recognise it for the misdirection it is when they hear/read it in the MSM

  4. If Creasy,Phillips,Austin and Streeting say you are wrong then by definition you must be right. Pink tories always attack socialists. Well done for presenting proper NLM news.

  5. You’ve only been in my life for a year but you are the First thing I look to understand the political landscape. I’ve been so impressed by the quality of news and the clarity of opinion. Keep it up and let 2018 be your year to become MS.

  6. You mention that Stella Creasy et al would give a different opinion of the blog. It’s when they start liking it that you (and us) have to worry. You are now my daily paper. Definitely the best of the blogs.

  7. I’ve only been reading Skwawkbox for a short time but you are now my first port of call! Thank you for all your support to Wallasey CLP in our struggle against the MSM and NEC slurs! You’re in my heart – YNWA!

  8. I can only echo the sentiments thus far.

    Marvellous blog, by far THE best of the left wing blogs in my opinion.

    Don’t ever change! 🙂 All the best for 2018, everybody.

  9. Oh, and an honourable mention for Laura Pidcock. More Labour MP’s with her attitude, please.

    Philips, creasy, (ill)eagle et al – if you’re reading this; go get it right round ya! Laura represents people like me – you lot represent nobody but yerselves.

  10. The people that matter recognise the integrity of Skwawkbox, the enemies of it know its potency also.

    Nothing happens without dedicated people pushing the boundaries, I think its time for people to recognise that organs such as Skwawkbox have a permanent place in our democracy, and new structures to ensure their viability needs to be set up.

    Ownership of the mass media should not lie in vested interests hands, it really is time to call out the media moguls for what they are, propagandists.

  11. I’ve been following this site for about 6 months and I don’t bother with the Canary or Left Futures any more now (and I’m thinking of finally dropping The Guardian too, piece of shit that it’s become!). You’re the only blog that matters.

    Congrats for all you’ve achieved so far. Keep on keeping on in 2018!

  12. Don’t suppose Mr Woodcock had a kind word? He should do, he was never cut out to be Labour MP.

    Keep up the excellent work your’re a shinning light amongst a rabid out of control MSM.

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