May’s NY Honours snub again displays Tories’ utter contempt for #OrdinaryHeroes


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As the SKWAWKBOX revealed on Boxing Day, however much the Tories give lip service to the heroism and value of the UK’s troops, the reality of the contempt in which they really hold those who put life and limb on the line is demonstrated in the way servicemen and women are treated – and encapsulated in the pigswill soldiers serving in Iraq were expected to eat as a Christmas lunch, which was captured in an image sent to the SKWAWKBOX by the father of one of the troops.

Now we learn that, while there is – of course – ample room in the New Year’s Honours list for cronies and donors of the Tory party, not a single honour has been issued to the heroes who risked their lives during this year’s terror attacks or the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Not one firefighter, police officer, medical worker or member of the public involved in the events in North Kensington, Westminster, Borough Market or Manchester has been honoured for their service in those events.

Theresa May stands on such occasions and offers words to praise the selflessness and commitment of doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers and others – but talk is cheap. And there is never any substantial recognition – though further cuts in pay and prestige, in jobs and resources are never in short supply.

By failing even to recognise some of those everyday heroes – by letting slip yet again the Tories real attitude to even the best of us – Theresa May has started 2018 with yet another pointless, avoidable blunder – before the year even begins.

It must not be forgotten.

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  1. An honours system that provides us with Sir Nick Clegg no longer has any validity whatsoever. In the unlikely event that I were to be offered on honour under the current system I would unhesitatingly and publicly refuse it.

  2. The New Years Honours list has been completely discredited by May and is no longer honourable.

  3. The BBC TV News reported this morning that the Palace had said that those of the Emergency Services who had risked their lives this year would be “honoured” in 2018.

    I don’t recall such a statement ever being made before. The establishment always likes to make a great seceret of who will get a gong and quote protocol and all that but it doesn’t seem to have worried them in this case.

    Of course their statement does come after it has been pointed out that these brave people have been totally ignored.

    Still better late than never I suppose just like May’s visit to Grenfell Tower oh and Ringo’s knighthood.

  4. Honours for Brexit-backing Tories and a few other such mates. Quelle surprise!

    It’s time we invented The People’s Honours … for the really deserving rather than the self-serving.

  5. Yes, once again the Tories are proving themselves to truly have no appreciation or respect to who they would refer to as riff raff at their parties. Having said that – look back and every Political Party works the same way. Remember Cameron’s open accusation that the riots in London some years back was all down to parenting in and of the lower class. Then when people started going to court , in fact the majority of people charged were from upper middle and upper class. They all really are so far out of touch with any reality whatsoever so how can they possibly govern a country effectively. Yes I also saw the rubbish the lad were given in Afghan for Christmas – pity someone did not post a photo of the dinner given to criminals in prison for Rape and Murder. They get larger per person spend a day than recovering NHS patients. ‘Stinks’ is the minimum word I feel.

  6. I do feel that it is time that there was a Public Outcry about the missing Grenfell Millions that have disappeared. This money was donated by a very generous public to provide assistance to the survivors of Grenfell, and as far as I, or anyone else, can see, it has disappeared, and there are no answers forthcoming as to what has happened to it! This is simply not good enough! There should be an immediate inquiry into it’s whereabouts, by a reliable public body, answerable to the Grenfell survivors and their legal team, if they have one.

  7. Also all the personal and household items donated to them were sold off and never distributed – most of the survivors still in cheap hotels – council’s tenant list still kept secret – what is the real death toll – scandal upon scandal, outrage upon outrage.

  8. To echo a point in the article ‘talk is cheap’ but let’s face it, the Tories are cheap! Sure, they’ve got more millionaires within their ranks and many rich types that support them but they aint got no class! They’re just a bunch of con merchants who seem to be getting away with it with assistance from their mouth pieces in the MSM including the BBC! No amount of wealth, stolen or otherwise, will make them anything other than a nasty, cheap and vicious bunch of creeps who need to be got rid off asap!

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