If govt respected our troops, would it serve them this for Xmas lunch?

The Tories love to make a show of respecting our armed forces, with ceremony and the occasional words of praise in the Commons.

But the less than glowing reality of the Establishment’s attitude has been seen in the underfunding and cuts, as well as substandard body armour and vehicles, that the UK’s servicemen and women have been made to cope with – and in the lack of help of which many disabled or traumatised ex-services personnel complain.

But there is perhaps no more eloquent testimony to what the Tories really think of those who serve than in this image, which the father of a soldier serving in Iraq sent to the SKWAWKBOX of what his son was served yesterday.

While most of us were tucking into turkey and all the trimmings, this is what faced our people in harm’s way for their Christmas lunch:


Serving a decent Christmas lunch is the least the government could do for those who leave behind family to put themselves at risk for this country for little reward – and would certainly not be beyond the logistical capabilities of one of the world’s richest countries.

So what does it say to our troops – and to their families – that this is what was put before them yesterday?

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    1. In the above article it says:

      ‘Serving a decent Christmas lunch is the least the government could do for those who leave behind family to put themselves at risk for this country…..’.

      I take the point, but the reality is that they are put at risk in most cases NOT for this ‘country’, but for the benefit and the interests of the elite.

      1. That’s the motivation of those who send them, though – the article’s about the motivation of the ones who go

  1. I can Identify the peas and the roast beef but the rest look like cheap props from a 70’s brain eating zombie movie.
    Also in Afghanistan 500 troops based at Kabul have been allocated the princely sum of £1 per head, to ensure that our troops get the Christmas that our government feels they deserve…

      1. Of course. And this one will make an important follow-up as long as it can be referenced and verified

  2. if the government respected our veterans we would have no need of the annual “Poppy Appeal”. They should be well looked after with no need for charity donations

    1. All I can identify is what looks like micro thin slices of some rather dry roast beef and some overcooked tinned peas, As for the rest of it, that’s unfortunately left to the imagination, particularly in the case of the portion top row centre. Does anyone have copy of the menu.

  3. Our government treats our soldiers like shit and the UK’s armed forces sit on their backsides and accept it. In other countries they kick governments out.

  4. What is it, it looks like someone with a bad stomach shat in this guys plate. I was in the R.A.F. for 6 years 71-77 the food was brilliant you had about 6 choices plus a steak bar even when i was in the middle east RAF SALALAH and RAF MASIRAH in OMAN the food was great. The plate shown is not food its a disgrace my cat eats better.

    1. I served in the army during the same period and I remember the food being exactly as you describe. Even the multi person field ration packs, of that time, would be a considerable improvement on what we see above

    1. No, prisoners get cold sandwiches,I help ex offenders and they come out malnourished.

      Our Forces deserve the best, how else can you accept the often dangerous and inhospitable places they serve in. Shit food is a disgrace.

  5. Where did the photo come from? What’s the source? I had no idea the “cook house” had been privatised, but if this is the result the troops would be better just feeding themselves!!

  6. Er, they’re not putting themselves at risk for this country. They’re putting themselves at risk to make the mega-rich even richer than they already are.

  7. I wouldn’t feed that to my dogs. I wonder what Williamson had for his lunch

  8. skwawkbox,i am getting folk asking for more info,what unit or regiment and where was this a dinner,ex forces are citing the best dinners they ever had were coutesy of the catering corp. South West Wilts Labour.

    1. They may well have had fantastic dinners from the catering corps. It seems the cc is not providing these meals – ‘ex forces’ means they probably haven’t experienced the new set-up. Can’t disclose more information about units etc, by request of the source

  9. If “An army marches on its stomach”, they would’nt get much further than the latrine after being fed what can only be said resembles slops.

  10. This is a disgrace but what more can you expect from a government that treats its civilian citizens like sh1t. Our service men & women deserve better than this.

  11. Has a private company got the contract?
    Neo-Liberalism strikes again?
    Yes service people are brave human beings but potentially in theory may be used to really serve the priorities of the rich and powerful?
    I always feel service people should have a trade union for pay and conditions.
    I remember reading a wonderful book on ‘The Soldiers’ Strikes’ which took place just after WW1 and were hushed up.
    Wonder if that meal was served to the officers too?
    Armchair warriors may often be Gung Ho but we need to always listen to those who have experienced war and who have seen the terrible reality first hand.
    I love the old saying: “Violence is the last resort of an exhausted mind.”
    Decent pay and conditions for service people and peace!

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