Daily Mail stalks and doorsteps Rachael_Swindon

The note Sears pushed through Rachael “Swindon”‘s door before doorstepping her – and the card he left with comedian Russell Brand in 2014, just before Brand threw curry in his face

Sinister events have unfolded in the last couple of hours with the appearance of a Daily Mail reporter on the doorstep of the well-known Labour campaigner known as “Rachael Swindon”.

rach s.png
Rachael Swindon’s Twitter avatar

The reporter, who once had curry thrown in his face by Russell Brand for “bothering me mum”, first appeared at few week’s ago at the address recently vacated by Rachael and her family, asking questions of former neighbours.

He turned up at their new address – which is not listed in the phone directory – late this afternoon. Finding the family out, he went to the neighbouring houses and seemed put out that she was not home.

When the ‘Swindons’ returned, he pursued Rachael across the road, shouting her name. When she refused to talk her husband Jon eventually talked to him outside the house.

Jon, who is not a particular Corbyn fan, was questioned about his voting habits – still Labour – before Rachael eventually talked to the reporter for a few minutes.

Rachael ‘Swindon’ has been ranked as one of the most important and effective political campaigners on social media, because of a quick wit and a skill with hard-hitting memes. She has been the target of significant malicious activity, including a number of attempts by fake accounts to pass themselves off as her and mislead.

She has routinely been smeared by Tory supporters and so-called ‘centrists’, who refuse to believe that a woman who wasn’t deeply into politics in 2015 could be enthused by Labour’s leader and become a key political campaigner – which says more about their own lack of vision and political passion than anything.

A persistent rumour has been that ‘she’ is in fact ‘he’ – a presumption steeped in misogyny that she disproved recently by publishing a video of her Labour membership card, in which she talked about the rumours to put them to rest.

And now this. The Establishment is ramping up its attacks on those who inconvenience it.

More information will follow when Rachael has had chance to regroup after a traumatic and unpleasant experience with sinister undertones.

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  1. All she needs to do is make a sexual harassment claim and she will be taxied to plush offices and interviewed by political editors,then have a gaggle of reporters fawning over every word .But memes for twitter is a big no no

  2. I definitely get the feeling the establishment/media are concerned about the impact of bloggers & social media first Bojo & Gove moaning, now this

    1. They’ll be watching what’s going on in the US with Trump’s ‘man’ at the FCC discarding the rules for #NetNeutrality. That’s the next aim. To stop us using Social Media to win GE’s.

  3. She and her husband shouldnt have spoken to them. Don’t give the rag the time of day.

  4. He’s only doing his job. Ok, it’s job no self-respecting Nazi would do but we all got a live 🙂

  5. This has all the hall marks of intimidation by the establishment. I wonder if there are any legal professionals in Momentum or our fellow Bloggers who might like to offer some help /advice to Rachel. Thinking court injunction on Daily hate reporters or similar.

    1. You seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that the press have to follow the same laws and rules as the rest of us! Funny how it’s always the right wing media that consistently get caught red handed and try to use the excuse of it being in the public’s interest!

  6. Doesn’t need to be sexual, if you complain to police, they almost automatically, it appears serve a notice on you under the Protection From Harassment act that on two occasions you have been contacted directly /indirectly and its made you feel uncomfortable, check it out on google- its very vague and I find a frightening piece of legislation you then get served with a notice you sign to stay away.

    I assume if you don;’t they threaten or do prosecute for harassment , and then its very much seen from the harassed’s point of view, if they felt in fear, although on a n objective basis……………..

    Stops need for injunction

  7. Very unusual to doorstep a campaigner never heard of that before and it only proves how rattled they are of a Corbyn Govt #BringItOn

  8. You are on the right track Rob. I would be pleased to contribute to a crowd funded action. In the meantime I suggest Ms Swinton should report the harrasement to the police. Then warn the arsole not to come back, if he does you have him bang to rights. She doesn’t have to prove alarm and distress as I understand the act. In the meantime he is certainly in breach of the data protection act by obtaining her personel for no legitimate purpose. In the meantime lets have the cowardly bullies phone number. I, and I am sure others would like to have a word in his ear.

  9. It might be an idea to doorstep this Neil Sears to find out what he is up to and even talk to his neighbours.

    1. Excellent Idea Geoff, we could even sing christmas carols to him in aid of Ms Swindons legal fund. He probably lives in a gated community though. Daily Hail churnalists are cowards down to the last man and woman so they would be the first to cry foul if the same thing was done to them. Just like the the Tory MPs who try to compare having moustaches drawn on their election posters to the racist abuse doled out to Dianne Abbott.

  10. urrrrrgh I wanna be there to watch Dacres face when the next election returns a Labour landslide

  11. Boycott the Mail is working. Share price down £7 to £5 due to drop in profits


  13. Why hide sears’ number? It’s evident he cares naught for others’ privacy.

    If he comes round again I hope the div’s lifted for aggravated trespass.

  14. It is the same thing the world over: As soon as an authoritarian govt/leader takes over, those who do not ‘conform’ get harrassed. See also: chinese dissidents/ Maltese journo, Russian bloggers.. The Daily Heil has May in its grimy pocket: she has been entertained by Dacre on at least 2 occasions. The Mail is an openly racist and anti-semitic rag ~ my parents faced a deluge of ‘Long Live The Blackshirts’ articles when they arrived here from Germany.. It claims to speake for the ‘ordinary man’. Check out the wealth & lifestyle of the editor/owner.

  15. The Tory establishment is seriously running scared of the NLM and Jeremy Corbyn rejuventated.

    Our local Tory MP David Morris who recently.denied the extent of poverty in his constiuency by accusing the school staff and GPs Momentum activists. He was roundly my.criticised by local people on Facebook for his lies.

    What did Morris do? Engage wirh his constiuents? Hold a public meeting? No he ans his staff went onto delete and block 350 people from his site.

    The Tory and his scumbag friends down Fleet Street will do anything to shut down their critics.

  16. What’s wrong with people – it was just a journalist doing their job. Or do you really think they should be banned from knocking on doors?

    Yes, it is the Daily Hatemail. Yes, they are doubtless up to something unpleasant But no, they should not be restricted as is being suggested above.

    I hope no-one reads this article who might be moving to be sympathetic to Labour.Such might be surprised that a Trot like me (us with our salt mines and gulags, etc) supports a ‘free’ press (not that it is, but that’s another discussion) whilst the Corbyn istas apparently do support what the Daily Mail claim they do – seeking to repress the media.

    1. What utter rubbish , yeh just like NOW reporters doing their job with Milli Dowler and Christopher Jefferies trial by MSM .This is simple straight forwrd intimidatory tactics by the establishment totry and shut down disenting free speech.It will not work the more they try , the stronger we will be the louder we will shout and the more widespread we will become

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