Sexism triggers #OrdinaryMum hashtag after BBC bod doubts they can be political

As the SKWAWKBOX published earlier, a fake-news attack on a well-known Labour social media campaigner was smeared with the false accusation of being a man – which she disproved with a tweeted video.

An offshoot to that Twitter conversation has triggered a trending hashtag after a BBC writer doubted the authenticity of @Rachael_Swindon as an ‘ordinary mum’ because she tweets about politics all the time:

robson rachael.png

Another well-known Twitter campaigner was quick to respond:

scousegirl rachael

sg om

And that triggered responses from some of the many politically-engaged, well-informed and active women on Twitter who took exception to the idea that an ‘ordinary anyone’ couldn’t be – well, politically engaged, well informed and active:

serf rachtb om

Men got in on the act too:

vg om

ssb omn.png

Including one who pointed out why the Establishment may be so keen to undermine effective activists:

wh om

And that’s the point, really. In this instance it was expressed through casual, condescending sexism, but what has the Establishment so ‘rattled’ is the fact that ‘ordinary’ people – mums and others – are active, engaged and effective in challenging its narrative and setting the agenda.

Or, as this blog ventured to express it:

sb om

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  1. I’m confused…Is andrea loath – Sorry, leadsome – an ordinary mum?

    And that theresa may’s always on about politics but she’s not even a mum…

  2. Here’s another one who was a single parent #OrdinaryMum in the 1960s – 1970s.

  3. I hope the people of twitter will forever refer to Jane Merrick as John Merrick for this. I’ve seen nicknames stick on there before.

  4. Jane Merrick, who is about to attend an event on harassment and misogyny in the media, smears and lies about a person based on that person’s gender as a woman, using media.

    Take a good look at yourself, Jane. You utter hypocrite.

  5. And let’s not forget the rather sinister Eddie Robinson who holds the view that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

    I see Eddie has crawled back under his rock and is now desperately trying to cover his first lie with a second.

    What truly vile characters these people are.

      1. First he was spreading lies about Rachel about her gender and now he claiming on twitter that gender is irrelevant to him.

        What a weasel.

  6. On all the political reality shows you see it – the impatience of the Festerminster ‘cognoscenti’ when they’re challenged or even questioned by the impertinent plebs.
    MPs need constantly reminding that all they did was win a popularity contest.

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