Racist ‘BNP’ Xmas card sent to Corbyn reveals right-wing hate

A racist Christmas card, allegedly sent by the BNP, has been received by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The card targets Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, who was recently revealed to suffer fully half of the online abuse received by political figures.

Labour MP Clive Lewis took the difficult decision to share the card on Twitter, in order to highlight the vile nature of the abuse Ms Abbott suffers as a prominent black woman:

cl bnp.png

Earlier this year, Ms Abbott spoke harrowingly in a parliamentary debate of the disgraceful, racist messages she receives daily:

At the time, a Tory MP who spoke about that debate on social media failed to mention Ms Abbott’s testimony and instead spoke of ‘abuse’ such as someone singing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ in the early hours.

A similar tack was taken recently by the right-wing press, whose front pages condemned abuse of Tory MPs but largely omitted the fact that the majority of abuse of politicians – since Ms Abbott alone receives half – is aimed by the right at left-wing figures.

This perspective must not be lost among the noise made by those mainstream media who have an anti-left agenda to portray it as a feature of the left.

The SKWAWKBOX stands in solidarity with Ms Abbott and against all forms of racism, discrimination and hate speech.

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  1. Hi there
    I haven’t seen the ‘Press’ tab at the bottom of the page recently so am wondering whether it’s been removed for good which would be a shame?

    1. Apparently it’s not a feature of the upgraded platform, which they didn’t warn us about beforehand. Trying to find a solution

  2. You are not alone Diane. I too have received a fifth piece of Hate Mail through my door which makes me wonder when the culprit will eventually surprise me by turning up in person. I reported it to the police but apart from fixing an electronic device to my door to act as surveillance, they can not identify the criminal so have dropped the case. It makes me very angry, not only with the racists, but the right wing politicians who caused it to happen. Farage, Johnson and Gove in particular should have their noses pushed into the circumstances you and I have had to face. I cant wait to see a Corbyn Government where we can start to overturn the damage that has been caused by this shower of irresponsible air-heads.

  3. I looked at the BNP facebook page and it’s on there + worse. It’s about time facebook and twitter (if BNP are still on there) were removed, like Britain First. Why should we put up with trash like that if we call ourselves a civilised society?

  4. Not only is the card grossly offensive bilge of the worst kind, the imagery employed shows no imagination whatsoever. “White Christmas” indeed! Tawdry shit pitched at the level of a bad Christmas cracker.

    But then racists and other crawling creatures on the extreme right of the political spectrum were never the brightest of sparks.

  5. The right are going nowhere with their constant attacks on the Left!
    Just like “BREXIT”!
    While they are involved, they hope they will do enough, to destroy equality and fairness, what we, on the LEFT, believe in!
    They spread their lies, hoping, we who know better, will take their bait about racism and their fascist views!
    To then become like they are.
    Much like flogging a dead horse to get up and do their dirty work!
    Listen up you morons “You will never win”!

  6. Throw your support behind Comrade Abbott! Denounce all racism, be it the ‘we’re not racist but’, type like that pedalled by UKIP and Right Wing Tories or the out and out ‘we’d send them all home,’ type pedalled by all the extreme Right who would put anybody they don’t agree with into concentration camps! They’ll all scum and that’s what they have in common with each other! I would hope that Comrade Abbott will have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year and know there are still many of us who are with her in the continuing fight against racist and sexist hatred!

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