Royalist DUP leader congratulates wrong prince – and bride-to-be

Arlene Foster is the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, which is currently propping up the zombie Tory government in a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement.

In 2016, Ms Foster told the Irish Times of her admiration for Margaret Thatcher and her enthusiasm for the Royal Family:

I can’t help but have a great admiration for a formidable woman who thrived in a man’s world. I am also a keen royalist

That enthusiasm may not extend to the younger members of the royal family, however, as shown when Mrs Foster tweeted her congratulations on the royal engagement.

To the wrong prince:

foster congrats.png

Mrs Foster also managed to misspell the first name of Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle. The tweet was subsequently deleted.

Of course, there are many who are distinctly unenthused by the news of a new royal wedding, which has already been used by the Tories to bury the huge bad news for recipients of state support, who will face a further freeze in that support for at least another year – and by the ‘MSM’ to fill hours and hours of TV ‘news’ instead of addressing the many, many crises faced by the zombie government and the hardships faced by many of our people.

If Mrs Foster’s eye for detail is lacking, perhaps she could do those suffering citizens a favour and walk through the ‘wrong’ lobby in Commons votes until the Tory government collapses, relieving us of the Tories’ incompetence and malevolence.

The DUP was contacted for comment but did not respond.

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  1. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.
    Nasty though Ms Foster is, this was clearly a simple error, not a tory plot. When the MSM did this to Diane Abbott, you quite rightly complained.
    Now you are playing their game by their rules.

    1. Who said anything about a Tory plot? The Tories have – beyond question – used the wedding announcement to ‘bury bad news’. That’s already on the record. Arlene Foster screwed up – it’s not a plot, just amusing enough to be worth noting

  2. I just think this is the funniest thing. She constantly complains about everything at every moment. Then she says she a “royalist” but doesn’t know which prince is which. Sorry Mr Heenan but tis is different from what was done to Diane Abbott as that was extremely nasty, vicious and ongoing. This however is a hoot and embarrassing. I notice she has removed the offending piece from her thread. I rather suspect it was an underling who did this anyway. Well done Skwarkbox.

  3. I’m not a Royalist by a long chalk.
    We live in austerity while keeping them, in the fashion, they are accustomed to!
    As for the DUP, along with the Tories and those on the right, they’re the reason for our hardship and the disunity in this Country!

  4. The DUP (supporters of Terrorism and the continued oppression of the Catholic Irish working class) are another bunch of doughnuts who come over all orgasmic at the antics of the Royals! Who cares that they don’t even know the difference between the, so called, Princes! They’re all from the same family of crooks which keep most of their wealth (stolen from us) in offshore banks in tacit support of their contempt for democratic Government and the ‘right’ to avoid tax by the Rich! Oh yeah, and the MSM are going on about the Royals paying for the Wedding with their own money! Bollocks, they must think we’re all stupid! We pay the rancid, sponging fuckers! From us, the Royals get the best benefits deal going and they don’t have to wait six weeks to get, and it’s not a pittance either! Maybe the MSM are correct – we are stupid by continuing this farce of paying somebody on the grounds of which family they’re born into or married into! Fuck sake, this is the 21st Century!

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