Laura Pidcock shoots down MSM’s desperate Venice smear

Parts of the Establishment media (MSM) today published a non-story about Labour MP Laura Pidcock’s absence from this week’s ‘urgent question’ debate on Universal Credit in the House of Commons.

The MSM’s attempted implication was that Ms Pidcock had somehow failed in her duty as an MP and was hypocritical in being absent when Tory MPs have faced criticism for missing important votes.

Ms P has tweeted an explanation to her constituents, which appears below. However, let’s be absolutely clear: Ms Pidcock has nothing to answer for.

The Universal Credit vote was last week. Laura Pidcock was present for that vote – unlike some Tories. She also made a number of contributions to the debate, which can be viewed here.

This week’s debate was just that – a debate. No vote was taken. And it was an ‘urgent question’ – the clue is in the name. Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Debbie Abrahams, was not even granted the debate until after Ms Pidcock was already in Venice.

With the full permission of Labour’s ‘whips’ – and let’s not forget, David Gauke, the Work and Pensions Secretary responsible for the whole UC issue failed to turn up to this week’s debate and didn’t vote in last week’s or appear before the House after losing the vote, as he should have.

This desperate smear on Laura Pidcock has nothing to do with her absence on a well-earned birthday treat arranged before she was even an MP. It has everything to do with the fact that the Tory Establishment is:

  1. Well behind in the polls
  2. Floundering on Brexit
  3. Being exposed in their lies on the NHS and their damage to our vulnerable people
  4. Afraid of Laura Pidcock’s popularity and her unwillingness to ‘join the club’ of cost Westminster politics
  5. Intellectually bankrupt and devoid of ideas or policies to arrest their chaotic plunge, except for more smears and outright lies
  6. Desperate to distract from 1-5 and to somehow, anyhow, neutralise the threat that Corbyn’s Labour and fearless MPs like Laura Pidcock pose

All of which are perfectly transparent to anyone paying attention. But kudos anyway to Ms Pidcock for putting her response on record for the sake of her constituents. Here it is:

lp venlp ven 1lp ven 2lp ven 3

The Establishment is finding that its smears are losing their effectiveness – they don’t stick like they used to. But it’s their reflex, so they just do more.

The MSM has spent so long scraping the bottom of the barrel, they’ve long been scrabbling in the cesspit underneath. But whenever you think they’ve hit bottom, they always find a new low.

In the process, they tell the world a lot more about themselves and their desperation – and the public is catching on.

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  1. The Labour party will take no lecures on the subject of attendance from an in abstentia Tory government and its establishment media surrogates.

  2. Meanwhile no show from David Gauke for the emergency debate when it is his portfolio, Pot, Kettle Black and I am sick to my back teeth with the rank hypocrisy


  4. Missed an emergency debate on something the W&P sec. didn’t even show for; and something they aren’t gonna change anyway, eh?

    Fine by me. I hope she had a whale of a time in Italy – unlike david gawp, who’s probably still too terrified to come out of the broom cupboard.

  5. Don’t suppose for one minute that this rag contacted the very person who should have been there( with no excuse) was the DWP Secretary.

  6. Oh well, maybe if she’d been running the line at a Barcelona match we’d have heard no more of it…

  7. So if I’ve got this right it’s outrageous for the lady from Birmingham Council to take a weekend off in Madrid and volunteer the fact that she has, but OK for this MP to take two working days off in Venice which fact only comes to light because she was spotted at the airport.

    1. What part of ‘adding insult to injury’ escapes you?

      Oh, just don’t bother answering ffs. We already know.

    2. aahhhh you’ve turned up again like the bad stench you are Hindson . It’s been great the last few months missing your deceitful bent and twisted comments now back to entertain us all , keep up the great work you wanker I like a good laugh .

    3. If Laura Pidcock starts cutting the pay of low-paid employees and *then* starts emailing them about her jollies, let me know. Until then, it’s a nonsensical comparison.

      1. The luxury of opposition I suppose. The Birmingham lady has a job to do and hard decisions to make. Ms Pidcock doesn’t (yet) have to make such decisions.

        (I understand that Labour control Birmingham – it is of course in their hands to hold a referendum on increasing council tax to maintain wages if they wish.)

      2. Ms Pidcock doesn’t (yet) have to make such decisions.

        No? We’re being told she should apologise for making the WRONG & A HYPOCRITICAL decision.

        Do us all a favour, hindson.

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