Hunt’s non-resignation shows deep Tory degradation of our democracy

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been ‘forced to re-write parliamentary records’ after misleading the house by falsely claiming that there are thirty thousand more people working in mental health than under Labour:

hunt 30k.png

This is far from the first time that Hunt has misled Parliament. He has considerable form.

As Health Secretary, he told MPs last year that he was going to ‘impose’ a new contract on junior doctors, then claimed – to save face after causing the first all-out strike in history by NHS doctors – that he had only meant he was going to ‘introduce’ the contract, in spite of repeated questions from Labour about his use of the word ‘impose’. Hunt was also accused of misleading Parliament over claims of increased hospital mortality at weekends.

In 2012, as Culture Secretary, he told Parliament he had only met Fred Michel in official meetings – yet later had to admit to a court that he had had many other meetings with the Murdoch representative.

Around the same time, he also told Parliament that he had not intervened in the consideration of Murdoch’s bid for BSkyB – yet admitted to the court that he had ‘demanded’ a meeting with David Cameron and Vince Cable to defend the bid.

The ‘Ministerial Code of Conduct‘ is unequivocal about the consequences for misleading Parliament even once, as the House of Commons document [PDF] on ministerial accountability makes clear:

code of conduct.png

There is nothing there about ‘correcting the parliamentary record’. Hunt should have handed in his resignation today for giving false information to Parliament.

The only conceivable defence in this latest instance – in which the falsehood was so blindingly obvious that Hunt was forced to correct the parliament – is that Hunt didn’t know he was giving Parliament a conveniently inflated figure for increased mental health staffing.

But if that is his defence, he is grossly incompetent – and should still have been handing in his resignation.

He won’t. But Hunt is not an aberration among Tory ministers.

Whether David Cameron falsely claiming increased NHS spending, the Tories repeatedly misleading over ESA (Employment Support Allowance) to demonise disabled people, Boris Johnson being rebuked by the UK Statistics Authority for “a clear misuse of official statistics” in falsely claiming, again, that Brexit will result in £350m extra for the NHS – or any of a range of other examples – misleading Parliament and the people of the UK has become routine for the Tories.

Merely ‘business as usual‘.

The fact that Jeremy Hunt is still in his job after a track record of giving false information to MPs and to us is merely the latest example of how far the Tories have degraded our Parliament and our democracy – and it makes a sick joke of any Tory ‘concern’ over supposedly fake (i.e. inconvenient) news when the Tories are routinely pushing false information.

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  1. Lying to get a plum job, further lying to stay in it. What example do we set our children by continuing to let this carry on?

  2. It’s all about the power and the prestige(and a little bit about the private investor).
    Shares in his interests would go down if he resigned and he’d end up on a poor MP’s pension…had the chance in the election and the country blew it.
    5 years of hardship ahead peeps.

  3. “The fact that Jeremy Hunt is still in his job after a track record of giving false information to MPs and to us is merely the latest example of how far the Tories have degraded our Parliament and our democracy”

    This is of course true (across the board imo) but Hunt’s (covert) brief is apparently privatisation of the profitable parts of NHS England… The NHS sell off has been a neoliberal ‘privatize the world’ cross party project since Thatcher. New Labour and Blair were Thatcher’s “greatest achievement”… New Labour bought into the “extreme centre” neoliberal project.
    http://selloff.org.uk/nhs/ 1 hour Peter Bach film.

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