Time for one last push to win vital #CAC places


Labour’s Conference Arrangement Committee (CAC) is a dull-sounding but absolutely pivotal organisation within the Labour Party, as it has a huge influence over what is discussed at Labour’s sovereign annual conference and how.

The SKWAWKBOX, as well as Momentum, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Red Labour, LRC and many other Left organisations, has endorsed Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes, the only left-wing candidates in the contest and the only ones with a solid record of supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

If you are a Labour member and have not yet voted, please do so here before 12 noon tomorrow, Friday 8 Sep. See here for more information if you have any problems.

If you have voted, please share this post to your contacts to make sure they’re aware that the deadline is almost upon us.

Seema and Billy had a huge majority of nominations from constituency Labour groups, but nominations won’t win the election – only the votes of individual members count.

If you want Labour conferences that facilitate the democratic wishes of members, you need good, left-wing representatives on the CAC. Remember to vote – and vote Seema/Billy.

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  1. For anyone who should have received an email ballot but now can’t find it, I got mine on the 18th July, the email subject line was “Labour Party Elections” and the email contained the keywords “Conference Arrangements Committee” and “CAC” so it should be easy to find with a text search.

    You get two votes so you can – and should – vote for Seema *and* Billy!

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