Heneghan quits – LOTO no plans to replace as Labour campaign chief

On Tuesday Patrick Heneghan, the Labour Party’s ‘Executive Director of Elections, Organisations and Campaigns’, quit his post after a 19-year tenure. The Huffington Post (HP) considered this a sign of Jeremy Corbyn ‘tightening control’ on Labour’s HQ structures, with a likely ‘leftwinger’ replacement to be installed:

heneghan huff

Heneghan had been criticised for the overly-defensive stance of Labour’s official campaign, in sharp contrast to the energetic and positive campaign of members and organisations like Momentum. His defenders, according to the HP, 

reject criticism of his role and work, pointing out that the party was active across the country in both seats it feared could fall and in Tory targets.

However, members and candidates in numerous locations have complained to the SKWAWKBOX of the lack of support and engagement by national and regional offices, while victories in marginals such as Weaver Vale and Wirral West have been ascribed to the efforts of members from those and other constituencies – who often ignored instructions to campaign in seats occupied by right-wing Labour MPs in order to focus their efforts on seats they regarded as winnable or defensible. Heneghan, said to be a close ally of General Secretary Iain McNicol, will be no loss to left-wing members who campaigned in marginal seats largely de-resourced by functionaries.

But – contrary to the HP’s expectations – it seems his whole role is also not considered much of a loss. A senior Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX that LOTO (the opposition leader’s office) sees no rush to appoint a replacement and probably will not do so at all.

Labour’s HQ delivered a self-exonerating General Election report to the party’s NEC (National Executive Committee), but the widely-recognised truth is that it was the dynamic campaign of Jeremy Corbyn and front-benchers, together with the efforts and enthusiasm of energised party and Momentum members on the streets and online, that caused Labour’s surge.

With such grassroots effectiveness to call on, it appears the leadership doesn’t see the need for an ‘Executive Director of Elections, Organisations and Campaigns’.

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  1. As one of those grassroot & momentum members who went out to many areas such as Weaver Vale this article spells out the truth 100%. Heneghan is no loss and neither is the position.


  3. Lovely pic of Craig mckinley on Ramsgate beach doing community service now outside the new Spoons.[Image]

    Angie Ray. ________________________________

  4. During the recent GE I was in touch with the Labour candidate and his team – 2 volunteers and a car owned by the voluteer. There was a small budget for leaflets and only the occasional hustings (about 2). This seat is one Labour must win if they are to make any inroads in my area – they singularly failed and an arrrogant tory got in again with an increased vote. I showed more enthusiasm than the Labour party did during this election and it was/ is a sham that this should happen

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