CAC/NCC nominations latest – a week to get yours in and why it matters

The deadline for CLPs to nominate their preferred candidates for Conference Arrangement Committee (CAC) and National Constitutional Committee places closes Friday 7 July. If your party has not yet nominated, ask your CLP executive for an emergency meeting to do so.

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These boring-sounding committees play an absolutely central role in the running of the Labour Party – and it’s essential to have left-leaning candidates who are solidly behind the vision and direction of the party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in those positions to prevent hindrance by right-wingers.

The left has not won these positions in over a decade and it’s time for that to change.

The Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) has a crucial role in influencing the running of conference, deciding what is discussed and how. Given the events at last year’s conference and how the right rigged events to put additional, unelected anti-Corbyn members onto Labour’s NEC, the important of having candidates who will represent the wishes of members is clear.

The National Constitutional Committee (NCC) is where disciplinary issues of members are dealt with. Given the attempts by some CLPs to neutralise left-wing ‘trouble-makers’ by accusations of bullying and worse, it’s equally important to have good member-representation there.

The CAC vote will be decided by OMOV (one member, one vote) with ballots issued mid to late July. The NCC vote will be decided by delegates at this year’s conference in Brighton.

The nominations so far are (as of 29th June):

Left-supported members

Billy Hayes 59
Seema Chandwani 60
Emine Ibrahim 57
Anna Dyer 55

Right-supported members

Gloria de Piero 16
Michael Cashman 16
Rose Burley 16
Kevin Hepworth 14

If your CLP is meeting between now and 7 July to nominate, make sure to nominate Billy, Seema, Emine and Anna – as other CLPs did last night. Updated figures will be provided when available.

And make sure to watch out for the arrival of your CAC ballot papers – and vote for Seema and Billy. Our party needs good people in vital positions.

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  1. My CLP is St Helens South and Whiston. Whenever we have a meeting only delegates are allowed to vote, members are only allowed to ask questions. Is this the norm? I sent an email asking why members are not allowed to vote to our CLP Secretary. This was his reply: Hi David,

    CLP Officers and the MP will be in attendance and you can ask questions of them when it comes to their turn to report.

    It’s also an opportunity to see the way the elections for CLP are handled to ensure that there is no jiggery pokery going on!

    Personally I would like to see the meetings made full all member meetings so that everyone can vote, however a lot of people oppose that view because they believe meetings will get swamped by entryists and they’ll lose their positions, so my suggestions fall on deaf ears.

    All the best


  2. We have all member CLP meetings, but I have suspicion that more is transacted in the Executive Committee (EC) meetings. However, all members meetings do get to vote on things like these nominations. We did in fact vote in the left slate, but some members were concerned we hadn’t seen their statements and were voting on momentum recommendations. The majority did not find this a barrier to going ahead with the vote.

  3. We have all member CLP meetings and we voted last night and nominated the 4 candidates above, I have to add we had a motion to halt the vote because we didn’t have information from the right, that was thrown out and it went ahead successfully, regarding the St Helens CLP I cannot see how that can be, that is not democratic, bring it up at your next meeting, join your local Momentum and organise to stop that type of imposition.

  4. We at Keighley &Craven CLP have cast our vote regarding CAC and NCC for Billy Haynes, Seems Chandwani, Emine Ibrahim and Anne Dyer.

  5. We at Keighley &Craven CLP have cast our vote regarding CAC and NCC for Billy Haynes, Seema Chandwani, Emine Ibrahim and Anne Dyer.

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