Clean, uncontested sweep for the left in Angela Eagle’s CLP #Wallasey

Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) has been through the wringer over the last year, with the CLP suspended by the NEC after an investigation that produced a report full of holes and contradictions. The CLP’s then-vice Chair, Paul Davies, is still suspended after what appears to be a ‘bullying’ charge resulting from his challenge to an accuser to take a lie-detector test with him.


The accusations against the CLP are considered by many to stem from the fact that the CLP was considered likely to vote no-confidence in its MP and deselect councillors (the latter fear being confirmed by the NEC report). The suspension has still not been lifted.

An exceptional meeting was called for tonight to select the CLP’s delegates for Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton and to vote on nominations for the vital CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee) and NCC (National Constitutional Committee) elections that will take place soon.

The left candidates took all seven delegate positions and the left candidates for CAC/NCC received the CLP’s nominations. It seems any centrists recognised the overwhelming support for those candidates, as none stood, meaning uncontested election in all cases.

As the CLP currently has no executive and a new one cannot be elected until the suspension is lifted – hopefully as early as next week, when the NEC is due to meet and discuss it – the meeting was chaired by a representative of Labour’s regional board.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that the acting Chair congratulated the members on their conduct during what could, in the circumstances, have been a contentious meeting.

The results must represent a huge vote of confidence not only in Labour’s leadership but also in the then-newly elected ‘exec’ in charge of the CLP at the time of the allegations.

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  1. Great news from my own constituency. As McNicol’s desperate, underhand behaviour is slowly brought out into the daylight, and Angela Eagle lucks her wounds, I believe good people will ultimately prevail.

    1. While I deplore her behaviour and what she tried to do, I do begin to wonder just how much of an instigator she really was and how much she was led up the garden path and taken advantage of by those intent on damaging Jeremy Corbyn. Just look how she was cast aside in favour of Smith. I may be very wrong but I can’t believe she has much time for those that used her so blatantly.

  2. Roll on the time when the Torry MPs, pretending to be Labour, can move on and join the Torry Party, which is where their heart & spirit lies.

  3. Heheheheh…Clock’s ticking, illeagle.

    While I’m no fan of Paul Davies, give me one of him over a hundred eagles, mooneys, hacketts etc every day.

  4. I still remember Eagle; rebranded in her daytime TV pink jacket walking onto the specially made ‘This Morning’ themed stage to offer herself to the nation as the next Labour Leader. So reminiscent of the other careerist Labour politicians who share the same indifference about the suffering of the working class and the vulnerable.

    All the shoulder padded careerists who’d enjoy a comfortable life via their betrayal of those who vote for them were singing her praises. It was a sickening echo chamber fueled by the mainstream media – as it always is.

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